Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Your Quotation: "Why I am a Republican" (25 word maximum)

Limbaugh listeners, please enter our RepublicanTV "Why I'm a Republican" contest, with the winner receiving $1,000.00.

And contestants can select to have their "Why I'm a Republican" quote appear on the new nationwide TV series "Republican Values" featuring President Bush.

The "Republican Values TV" series features President Bush, President Reagan, Governor Schwarzenegger, Secretary-of-State Colin Powell, and many other prominent Republicans.

The TV series is produced by RepublicanTV.org, a nonprofit, independent organization created to educate the American public about Republican values and how important those values are to America.

The Republican Values TV series is created with the invaluable assistance of the White House and will be appearing on TV stations throughout the United States.


SOURCE - http://www.republicantv.org/homepage-limbaugh.html


this is so poorly done...

so incredibly boring in design and execution...

so incredibly flaccid in potential consumer appeal...

it's probably a money-laundering operation...

you can see for yourself...


To enter the $1,000 "Why I'm a Republican" contest,
Please Complete the Form Below:

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Your Quotation :
"Why I am a Republican"
(25 word maximum)

SOURCE - http://www.republicantv.org/page2.htm


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