Wednesday, August 10, 2005

LIE-ve from LIE-raq: "Being in Baghdad is not really Being in Baghdad..."

US says Iraqi constitution "on track"

Wed Aug 10, 3:58 PM ET

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Iraq's political process is "on track" to meet Monday's deadline for drafting a new constitution for the war-battered country, the State Department said.

Deputy spokesman Adam Ereli made his comments as representatives of Iraq's Shiite Muslim, Sunni Muslim and Kurdish communities raced to resolve serious differences over Iraq's charter.

Asked whether Washington was worried about a potential delay in nailing down the constitution, Ereli said, "The simple answer to your question is that the political process in Iraq is on track."



and the "simple answer" is what the press gets...

a BBC documentary called "The truth about Jessica" (Google it) reveals that besides the Jessica Lynch story being faked, the press in Baghdad are furious with the army for lying to them every day for years at every press briefing. they can't go anywhere else for their safety, so they spend 12 - 14 hours a day in a warehouse watching Fox News on TV's by a coffee bar, waiting for someone to tell them something happened.

they receive only official U.S. and U.K. military press briefings, and questions receive cheerleading propaganda and outright lies, or are left unanswered. (or, "unconfirmed") the military feels the only role of the press is to rally support for the war, so they provide "scoops", releasing victories and death counts that reporters starving for information scramble to make the nightly news and headlines. these are nearly all quietly disproven later by people who actually visit those places and report on it, and sometimes even revised officially in a quiet manner if they have to. (the U.K.'s not as bad, but they're bad. maybe that's how they feel good.)

some of these "scoops" are leaks outside the main briefing room on cell phones from friendly sources in the military, or rumours passed on that also reflect the best possible stories for the war in iraq. most of these are also later disproven after they are reported, but they help maintain an access-hierarchy, and enough of these nuggets complement the knowledge of those who supposedly know the bigger picture, and gently build a case for "on track" vague assertions.

that are later disproven.

and sometimes stories are simply completely changed, as an errant u.s. missile strike that hit a civilian shopping area and killed 14 people was changed to an al-qaeda terrorist attack that killed 14 people. this was despite the initial official reports on it, the iraqi's finding metal fragments with u.s. military missile serial numbers on it, hundreds of people seeing the fighter jet that shot it, and on-site journalists confirming it.

even when they find out, anyone who asks hard questions gets sent home, and many do just before they leave to the applause of their peers but to no avail. as one journalist put it: "by the time you get out of there, you know absolutely nothing about what's really happening."


Being in Baghdad is not really Being in Baghdad.


Reports from Iraq are not really Reports from Iraq.


Videologue: "Ohhh... what the hell was that?!!"

You can watch the staging of the rescue of Jessica Lynch... etc., at:

"War Spin - The Truth About Jessica" - 41:28



From TIME Magazine | Interview
10 Questions for Jessica Lynch
Posted Sunday, Aug. 07, 2005


I think I provided a way to boost everybody's confidence about the war. I was used as a symbol. They could show the war was going great because "we rescued this person." It doesn't bother me anymore. It used to. Through my book [I Am a Soldier, Too: The Jessica Lynch Story, written by Rick Bragg], I have been able to set the record straight. I did what I could do and now let the record speak for itself.

SOURCE -,9171,1090896,00.html


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