Sunday, August 14, 2005

Downloads: "It's like, if you going to spread mathematics... Spread it right!"

"What the fuck man,
I'm tired of seeing these
Fake ass niggaz fucking,
Running with the fucking globe,
Ain't even, ain't even really seeing it the
Way it, it should really be seen...


It's like, if you going to spread mathematics...

Spread it right!"

- Raekwon The Chef, "The Closing", Only Built 4 Cuban Link...


* 9/11: The Road to Tyranny

* Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State

* BBC: The Power of Nightmares

* Jon Stewart on the Presidential Election, the Media, and Politics

* Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh spills the secrets of the Iraq quagmire and the war on terror

* Hijacking Catastrophe - is powerful, understated, straightforward and educational.

* the fifth estate: The Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney

* The Myth of the Liberal Media: The Propaganda Model of News

* JFK II: The Bush Connection

* C-SPAN: Professor David Ray Griffin - The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions, at University Of Wisconsin at Madison

* Noam Chomsky - Imminent Crises: Responsibilities and Opportunities.

* The Money Masters - The Federal Reserve is privately owned by a few big banks.

* Red Pill Videos

There's a lot of stuff we should know and we know we don't know it, and these cover dozens of questions anyone with a conscience would ask if they knew they could.

There are also some people we should listen to, and others we shouldn't, I guess everyone can decide for themselves...

"Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th, malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves, away from the guilty."

President George W. Bush speaking to the World before the UN General Assembly, November 10, 2001.