Friday, August 19, 2005

Brown Beltin' it outta the park...

- Where's your links?

You true believers are really going for your Brown Belt's aren't you!

I notice you'll just say any garbage you think of with a few exclamation marks, you almost never your homework, then you completely ignore any evidence that scares you:



What: no answers?

Just repeating the same Talking Points louder?

Good move: dealing with the facts will expose you as tools.

That would suck. It would help 90% of the world, but it would suck for you.

Then you randomly pull the "80% of the army support the war" out of your ass, when the figure is really around 10%.

Actually, the figure is 8.71%, but I thought I'd round up.

There, I said it with no corroborating evidence, just like you did.

Hey this is fun! I don't have to read a damn thing! And the Message Board Mafia will just cheer me on no matter what! And drown out any post with any substance in it! Hey, look over here, we're loud and we speak in unison! We know what's cool to say THIS WEEK to support our man Dubya, just help him get through another week of scandal! Yessirree that's our job! We're cheerleaders!

Aw, but I have this empty feeling barking like a mindless soulless Right Wing attack puppy, it makes me paranoid to just blurt out crap and act like I know what I'm talking about, and I think it makes you dumber. Curiousity is supposed to be a sign of intelligence, and I don't use it anymore except to expand different ways to say what I've been told to say...


Nah, this ain't for me. I'll stick to the truth.

Dubya was draft-dodger, Cheney dodged the draft FIVE TIMES, they love being chicken-hawks and they hate the soldiers:

Can you imagine any President except for The Worst President in History going on a 5-week vacation in the middle of a war? The longest Presidential vacation in 36 years while troops are begging for resources, an exit-plan, and a half-decent reason for being there?

The only way to get away with this is to have the grassroots support of people who DON'T support the troops, but will SAY THEY DO REALLY LOUDLY. Perfect cover-fire for cutting benefits, bonuses, extending tours, training 19-year olds to torture...

When you let your Commander-In-Chief get away with leaving them screwed by discrediting the people to protect the government, you all have soldiers blood on your hands. And you're not making honest well-thought out arguments: you've lost the ability to be critical when the peer pressure's on.

Don't tell me "the Generals will handle it", if Bill Clinton took a 5 week vacation during a war you'd have him impeached. This is a far greater crime of compromised leadership than a private infidelity, and many parents of the soldiers are absolutely disgusted by the insensitivity of Bush and his insensitive idiot chicken-hawk backers.

Congrats: you Brown Shirts aren't thinking anymore, you've lost the crucial ability to objectively examine leadership to safeguard democracy.

You're proving your blind loyalty to The Party well, God knows where this takes us...

- Answers.

First, thanks for checking the flick, I appreciate that you did.

I assume you're conceding all the stuff on 9/11, the Police State, and the military industrial complex by not contesting it, that was the real meat of the matter. No worries, I'll deal with your cherry-picked arguments below.

Some points on your first email:

1. All we did was prove the hole in the Pantagon doesn't look like what a jet could do, and there are several witnesses who contradict the governments official account including those who saw a missile. The movie mentioned a lot of stuff you didn't touch, including the available photographs totally disproving an airplan crashed there - AND HOW THEY ARE NOT RELEASING ANY OF THE LOCAL SURVEILLANCE FOOTAGE.

There's different kinds of missiles and different sizes, your theorizing like there's only one kind doesn't make any sense. I didn't say I know what happened at the Pentagon, but I conclusively determined the evidence used to support their story is incomplete crap, and they're also definitely trying to hide the truth from the World.

Please, don't even think they're trying to tell you the truth:


The Dangerous Comfort of Secrecy

Published: July 12, 2005

The Bush administration is classifying the documents to be kept from public scrutiny at the rate of 125 a minute. The move toward greater secrecy has nearly doubled the number of documents annually hidden from public view - to well more than 15 million last year, nearly twice the number classified in 2001 - as bureaucrats have invented more amorphous categories like "sensitive security information." At the same time, the declassification of documents required under the Freedom of Information Act has been choked down to a fraction of what it was a decade ago, leaving the government working behind an ever darker, ever denser screen.



2. On to the war, it's going terribly. Even the Pentagon says so, several recent statements have been made by the military including totally lowering expectations on the future of Iraq - WHICH BASED ON THEIR PREVIOUS PREDICTIONS PROVES THEY ARE OFTEN WRONG OR LYING, THEY'VE DONE THIS SEVERAL TIMES.

That trumps whatever Matt Lauer read off the teleprompter - as if that's the killer argument, and for you to use the media as The Bible when it's convenient and The Necronomicon when it's not is pathetic: there are sources of information that are better documented, researched and delivered that will add depth and balance to Matt Lauer, and despite what you say:


If there were, they would better reflect the anti-war movement as a whole, and would:

1. criticize u.s. policy

2. criticize military spending

3. criticize foreign relations hypocrisy

4. criticize corporate greed and undue influence

5. criticize the issues "radical" groups do: making them mainstream

6. defend labour, welfare and universal health-care

7. defend protestors/activists and their value to society

8. defend the rights of minorities, immigrants, gays and women

9. defend the freedom of the press and its need for independence

10. defend the issues "radical" groups do: making them mainstream.

You've just been fed another enemy to attack like pitbull puppies, it's a tired old joke that works on the uninformed, and is perpetuated by the media itself at the behest of their corporate backers. They'll do a story or two, but they'd rather hound Clinton for a year over a blowjob than work to alleviate poverty.

How come there's a "Business Section" in every paper but ther's no "Labor Section"? That reflects a very select group of interests, and with 1% of the people owning 50% of the stocks this makes no sense if there were a "Liberal Bias". It's just more bullshit, it's repeated as a tactic, so don't be fooled: ask Liberals if they feel they're represented, and you'll hear us laugh.

Wake up man, you're smarter than this, you can't just accept things when legitimate criticism is brought up by smart people, and make no mistake: the smart people on the Right know this too.

On to the movie, you really cherry-picked info to argue, but you're still wrong anyway:

1. We all have an agenda, and if you think it's bad to have one then stop preaching the Republican Gospel. You cannot possibly attack the idea of people having an agenda. That's asinine.

2. On Bush's pagan rituals: why isn't this discussed? How come most Americans are not told Bush worships "Moloch" as well as Jesus? How do YOU know Bush is just blowing off steam? Are YOU just making excuses for your President's Pagan Rituals? Are you saying they are a real "Pagan" religion? With tax-exemptions and public membership? Can we join? If Clinton was into Pagan rituals would you treat him with the same "LEAVE HIM ALONE! HE'S JUST A PAGAN!" attitude?

3. The Bush Nazi connections are significant: WHY they are never mentioned shows just how controlled and "conservative" the "liberal" media is, after all most liberals at least acknowledge it as truth - which you do as well in arguing "well most Americans were for it!" at the time. That's not true and they didn't even say that, or you would've had a Nazi President. BUT, a lot of Americans were fooled by fascism (as is happening again today) and they had a substantial following in America. That all ended when America went to WWII, but not for Prescott Bush: he kept trading with the Nazi's through the war, got arrested in1942, traded again, got arrested again, and eventually stopped trading with remaining Nazi's in 1951.



4. On Arnie, he's been an asshole for years. Now don't get me wrong, I like his movies, and I've accepted entertainers being assholes for years. However, when it comes to having control over the lives of millions of people we as an electorate demand higher moral standards. If you can question Clinton's morals, you've got to question Arnie's: they're worse, and you can't just let him off the hook.

5. "Libs" don't like consolidation of corporate power, nor big government, nor any of the tools "Cons" love right now: you're advocating policies you don't even understand. All we want is the world to get along as one, not be run by one fascist plutocracy, so be careful what you don't know you're wishing for.

You left out 9/11 and the Police State: a staggering oversight considering that's the name and focus of the film, guess it convinced you huh?

You're probably 2 months away from opening your mind to all possibilities before you've investigated them, so enjoy your epiphany when it happens, it'll be scary to know how fooled you were while intellectually liberating.

For now, just have those images of Guantanamo on the Hudson, the Secret Police, people standing in the gaping holes of the towers despite supposed heat hot enough to melt steel, firefighters claiming they heard multiple explosions in the buildings before they fell, firefighters recorded saying the fires were almost out inside the building near the top floors, 9/11 victims families screaming at the press to pay attention to them, Michael Moore getting punk'd by Alex Jones for not dealing with the NORAD stand-down on 9/11, how many of the 19 hijackers turned up alive (BBC News), the growing domestic use of the military in direct violation of Posse Comitatus... and much more.

You're gonna have a lot of fun man, more than you've suggested here.

Just enjoy it: wake up and save the country...


P.S. Any other takers? I'd like to debate the more pressing and substantive portions of the film, they deal with the evisceration of the Constitution and could affect all of us soon.