Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Fashionable Fascism: "HITLER BEATS BLAIR IN POLL"

They say a tragedy can only be made funny after 50 years.

They say the holocaust was a tragedy.

They say we must never forget.

They'd better check with our business leaders.

I'm not sure if this is what they meant...


"Church, state, and biz,
Of an older-God..."

- Black Krishna, "Chokin' on Chomsky"


Sky News


Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler has beaten Tony Blair in a new poll as one of the greatest leaders of all time.

A firm asked 1,000 business leaders who they rated as as the most impressive leaders of men throughout history.

The German fuehrer came 20th in the list while the Prime Minister could only manage 25th.

Top of the list is Hitler's nemisis Winston Churchill. Gandhi, the man who led India to independence, is second.

Former South African president Nelson Mandela is third.

Ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher - dubbed The Iron Lady - came in at number eight.

Top sportsman was Lance Armstrong, the cycling legend who beat cancer and went on to claim a record number of Tour de France wins.

Some dictators made it into the top poll for leadership skills other than Hitler.

Mao-Tse-Tung, who led the Chinese communist revolution, came in at 31.

Veteran Cuban leader Fidel Castro was 41st.

The list was complied ahead of a conference of business leaders to be held in London in October.

Organiser Rosalind Oxley said: "Bob Geldof just about makes it into our Top 50.

"But it is slightly disturbing to see him beaten by Hitler, who also ranks higher than the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa."

SOURCE -,,30000-13414493,00.html


Incrementalism is on the march...

Fascist policies disguised as safeguarding democracy are in place...

And as strong and resilient and intelligent as the people are...

They're adjusting...


BONUS: Re: 9/11: Amnesty Intellectual (It's about time.)

Hey don't yell at me, I really feel bad for you: it's gotta suck being paranoid and angry, and I'm just trying to help.

Check here for the rest of the Top 10:

On to your charges: Bush is a fake Christian.

He appeals to the paranoid, weak and pissy looking for revenge, and he's missing core Christian values such as non-violence, charity, discipline, and many others. He can say it and you can believe it, and he can trade power with Religious Right leadership, but he's not making the world any better, and that's not Christian.

In fact, his brand of Christianity is just like the Crusades, and purely used to attack people and help those who join in the attack:

You guys are case in point.

And you're all chicken-hawks: you have no concept of what the war actually does to people, both those you're killing and those who you send to fight. You don't see it and you don't feel it, so you cheer on a fantasy. If you saw it for real you'd see it is a mistake, especially when there was no way in hell after 10 years of sanctions that Iraq would attack the U.S., you already have Saddam, and you're just fighting the Iraqi people at this point.

If someone was carpet-bombing America after they captured Bush - who they said was the only reason to invade in the first place, every single American would say "ENOUGH!!! GET OUT!!!", including those who didn't support Bush and were just defending the country.

Sure you can spout cliches about "Support The Troops!", but your boy Bush really treats soldiers like shit: cutting benefits, cutting bonuses, skipping out on body armor and other essentials, paying private contractors - former death squad members 10x as much money.

Here's some soldiers pissed at you idiots for jamming Bush's Bullshit down our throats and screwing the troops:

Where do your $87 bln defence increases go?

Halliburton? Carlyle?

You fascist masters train you not to ask, and you'll probably just yell: "He's fighting them over there! Over there!!!"

You have no idea who you're fighting, if I asked you why you're advocating muslim genocide and all you say is: "Screw them rag-heads! They hate us!"

Then you're not being responsible about who you're killing, and are looking at muslims like "Orc's" from Lord of the Rings.

Congratulations, your fascist masters will be proud: you're determined not to look at my evidence and brand me a traitor anyway: fascists always make brilliant use of stupid people.


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