Friday, August 12, 2005

Alex Jonesin' for Truth in the 21st Century... and why not?

Oh c'mon, that's it?

I don't even need the love, and no offence, but I'm just shocked by how strongly you feel about something you probably know so little about on a message board where we're supposed to be among the most open-minded and open to dialectic.

I still suggest watching it, we can't afford to just "keep" our precious theories as we've calcified them, that's exactly what happened to many who voted for Dubya in 2004:

"Oh, I just don't believe Saddam didn't blow up the towers! We're at war with Iraq, aren't we? And we found all those WMD's!"

So, we Message Board Elite are no better than anyone else on any side of the polical spectrum playing into this stupid game of defiant ignorance, like it's better to have your own opinion than make it a better one. Too many trust airbrushed talking heads mindlessly reading soundbites off the teleprompter over more detailed pleas to listen to the truth, and... here we are: in a world where we can't agree on the "facts" themselves let alone how to use them to discuss policy.

Besides, he's at least half-right on sight...

Seriously, the way we "think" about Alex Jones doesn't reflect what he actually does, and ANY human adult will get at least half this movie without investigating anything else. I was pretty skeptical before I knew who he was, though in hindsight I'm not sure exactly why I was thinking that way since I dind't know anything about him. If you look further you'll simply find a lot's true and there's a lot more to investigate about the rest, which is at least half a clue...

He and his team scan MAINSTREAM news sources from across the globe, with a lot from the U.S., and crucial finds makes his stuff compelling. They also get curious footage from stories before they settle into mass-media history as unanswered questions, showing video clips like Dan Rather saying live on CBS News the WTC 7 collapse reminded him of "well placed dynamite". At least we get to know what should've been stories if the corporate media had the political will and permission, thus ensuring we're all much more informed than we know we're not now.

The footage he shoots of police and military actions is crazy, including actions at the RNC convention in New York last year where they locked 2000 protestors in a condemned building with asbestos. In fact some of the bad stuff they admit they're doing, but often just to him: because he's the only one that asks.

Asking the right questions reveals a lot of research was done, including his Project Censored 2004 award for his analysis of Patriot Act II. In fact, I'm glad he read it and had his analysis validated by others, because I sure as hell wasn't going to. The fact that this really IS happening in America is worrisome, and he's one of the few media sources telling us to be worried.

Finally, the experts (yes - real experts!), including Generals, CIA agents, scientists, journalists and many others make his forums worth checking. They are very well respected in their fields, they simply can't discuss certain subjects as openly anywhere else - or discuss them at all if they aren't "mainstream news" already. He's interviewed witness the media clamoured over right after 9/11 who were ignored when the official story was settled on, and they have supported testimonies that could each make them star-witnesses of even the laziest lawyers.

To truly understand him from a new perspective, you need a translation of what he means and not what you think he means. To wit: if you heard a 4-Star General saying something you didn't understand you wouldn't assume he was an idiot, he just knows more than you about what he's talking about and has a different world view while still saying a lot that makes sense.

Mr. Jones deserves the same courtesy, if not more...

"New World Order": rich + evil = people

"Globalists": rich + evil = people

"Police State": rich + evil = dream

And despite what you've heard, he's not anti-Semitic unless:

"Specific Semite": rich + evil = person

And since we know "rich + evil = people" have always existed throughout history, I'm glad different people point out in different ways how we screwed up and left them in charge.

Peace, (NOW!!!)



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P.S. Here's an example of documentation from the Martial Law website...



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Please report any corrections or broken links


Yo man, you alright?

I mean, do you believe anything exists?

Can you sit on a chair without looking at it the whole time?


Do you simply hold different information to different standards?

Do you fail to check primary sources when you don't want to?

Do you honestly not care a lick to investigate most of the stuff you trust to work every day?

That's what I'm guessing!

It seems to me like you're speaking fast and throwing double-speak at us amigo, and most of your random questions are answered in the film itself. In fact, I talked about them because they were in the film, so you can't possibly expect me to accept your sight-unseen you charges of "lack of context", etc. - I clearly watched it and thought differently.

If you want to verify what I said watch the film, I just can't prove it to you here and you seem to have already made up your mind. If you watch it you'll see I'm right, and there is as much evidence as any other documentary on the planet.

Yet, this one you'll attempt to banish from our minds.


What's your story?

What are you attempting to accomplish by suppressing this so dismissively?

By the way: do you really think I'm going to trust "your knowledge" of "engineers" you may or may not have spoken to? Or "your knowledge" of different information or "your knowledge" of Alex Jones as being an automatic trump card? How dumb is that?

Tell you what: go make your own thoroughly investigated documentary, back it up with experts, and interview on camera dozens of people from across the Right and Left spectrum who look and sound sincere without profiting from their actions. [Note: You can insert your own "Conspiracy! = How do you know they're not making money! It's all staged!" nyah-nyah-nyah here, with no evidence it's just stupid knee-jerk criticism and I don't care.]

You have not exposed any smoking gun of Mr. Jones, and all you do is wager poor arguments slanderously delivered, for example:

1) I strongly doubt the economist who thought the WTC may have been a controlled demolition was offering a professional opinion - this has never happened on his show. In conversations we formulate many opinions on the fly, and defend strongly the ones we are confident in. Even you have an opinion that they weren't demolished: are YOU an engineer? Where's YOUR science? Can your engineer-Daddy beat up my engineer-Daddy? Do you have to be a professional to have a theory?

Do any of US have a right to opinions about things we don't know about?

Aw heck, alright, I'll let YOU have your opinion of Mr. Jones! :-D

2) When it comes to "jews knowing information" in government or intelligence contexts, you are using a fake and cheap charge of anti-Semitism to slander Mr. Jones. I don't believe he would even accidentally phrase things that way, he's never sounded racist.

But to explain, just like when discussing "America" we make a disctinction between the American people and American government, and the same can be done with the Israeli government and the Jewish people. With the publicly acknowledged close government ties between America and Israel it is quite likely they share intelligence information, and reports of this surface all the time as referenced by Mr. Jones.

You're just playing to play man, not playing to win, and I don't know who put you up to it but cut it out. If you want to make the world a better place, open your mind to those with a parallel agenda for truth and see if you can make peace with it...

Peace, (NOW!!!)



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