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Alex Jones Reports on Cindy Sheehan and Media Whorsesh-t in Crawford, Texas

Bedlam at Bush’s Ranch

Alex Jones Goes to Crawford | August 15, 2005
by Alex Jones

I’d been to Crawford on the eve of the Iraq war and on its first anniversary, so I thought I knew what to expect when I traveled there yesterday. Upon my arrival Sunday morning, I found myself in beset on all sides by the massive media circus surrounding Cindy Sheehan, the mother of Casey Sheehan, a soldier who tragically died in Iraq while attempting to give medical aid to his wounded buddies.

I could easily write a volume on what I witnessed. To put it simply, it was a paradox. The hundreds of anti-war, peace demonstrators for the most part were kind, compassionate, informed and genuine. Clashing against them was a maximum of eight (sometimes only two held down the fort) crazed Bush worshippers. And, by “Bush worshippers,” I mean actual worshippers of the President.

Although labels are ulitmately meaningless, I consider myself to be a classical liberal, in the vein of Thomas Jefferson or George Washington. I believe in the Second Amendment and National Sovereignty. I’ve never been with “those people:” the liberals and the hippies who in many cases follow mindless dogma and believe in a powerful centralized government which students of history know is anathema to freedom.

But in all of my years I have never seen more mindless frothing than what I saw by these kool-aid drinking neo-con sycophants. And I’ve got video of it all, which, in the next week, will be posted on and
I would calmly approach the counterfeit conservatives and simply ask them with my crew why Bush is talking about invading Iran when the CIA admits it will be ten years until the Iranians can even hope for a nuke, and why they weren’t worried about the CIA protecting the mad nuclear scientist AQ Khan who has proliferated WMDs worldwide?

They would literally hiss at me, and talk about how they could “take a swing” at me. One father, with the eyes of Charlie Manson, repeatedly barked that he was a former marine. His son, who could have been no older than four was in combat fatigues from head to toe and was energetically carrying a plastic AK-47. The father was instructing this child that, in the future, he would need to attack me.

What’s so scary about this is that they were such a good-looking family. Rather than the toothless rabble you would expect they were normal, decent looking folks who had been brainwashed. No doubt in Kim Jong-Il’s North Korea you would find similar zealots.

Another man, who looked like a NFL linebacker sat in a lawn chair reading the Bible. I walked over to him and asked him why he was there. With a look of religious rapture, he said he hoped to simply see the President. The man had stars in his eyes. Bush was anointed of God: this was a religious pilgrimage for him. If the President drove by he just wanted to support him and let him know that he was there.

I asked him why, if Bush were so Christian, was he a member of Skull and Bones. The man just said, “no…no…no…you’re not one of them.” I responded that the Skull and Bones are a real group and that I was sure that he had heard of them. I asked him if he would go to a church if the pastor engaged in druidic rites. The man began to shrink up in his chair as if here were about to go into a catatonic state.

Sixty-year-old yuppie bikers with giant American flags (made in China) would scream profanities in our face if we calmly asked them questions about the war. It went on and on.

Of the hundreds of people in the anti-war crowd that we talked to, many people from around the nation were actually followers of our work, and had broken through the left-right paradigm. Many of them told me that they owed their breakthrough to listening to the radio show.

In a way, I’m rambling, but how do I, in the 20 minutes I have before I go on-air, describe what I witnessed in the 12 hours I spent in Crawford yesterday? Here are a few key points before I run out of time:

1. FOX News, CNN, and various newspapers have all been reporting that there are hundreds of protestors “on both sides.” This is a lie. At any one time, there were at least 150 people camped out on the road to Bush’s ranch protesting his illegal war, and eight or so counter protestors for Bush. There were a minimum of 70 people at the Crawford Peace House in town and five people protesting them.

2. Cindy Sheehan is a very kind and loving person. I watched her keep up a grueling pace as she was interviewed by over 50 reporters individually just when I was around. She really is an amazing person. Across the street, the Bush worshipers had signs of Casey Sheehan saying “he died for me” and they would say that he “belongs to us.” Meanwhile, they would growl that Cindy was scum and that she was just using her son for political gain. The Bush faithful would chant that “he signed on the dotted line” and the “he belonged to the Army.” Can you imagine a mother having to stand such degradation of her son’s name, such misuse of his image and such slighting of her love for him? Casey was Cindy’s son. Nonetheless, she has remained steadfast in the face of her loss and the attacks against her grief. The reason why she is protesting now is to save others from similar grief.

3. The neo-con minions’ creed or battle cry that they chanted like some Hari Krishna cult was, “ We got to fight them over there before they come over and get us here!” “Better over there than getting bombed over here!” I would point out to them that the Pentagon’s own internal reports state that invading Iraq has only expanded violence against the West worldwide and that the Pentagon actually wants that reaction so they can widen the war. I would state admitted fact: Saddam Hussein did not attack us on 9/11. Our government helped put Saddam into power. The Iraqis have been under 14 years of sanctions. None of it meant anything to them. The attitude was: “kill them all and let God sort it all out.”

4. In closing, looking at that road leading to Bush’s ranch in Crawford with the crazies on one side and the well-meaning, but in many times misled liberals on the other, I was looking at a physical example of the false divisions in this country. I would mention to the pro-war crowd that Bush has been anti-Second Amendment, that he wants an open border that he signed on to the UNESCO UN treaty, that he’s pushing the FTAA which will destroy our sovereignty. Some would hiss and say, “You’re one of them right-wing conservatives,” or “I don’t care, let them take the guns, I love Bush!” These poor men and women didn’t have any view of their own. It was like it was just a big football game and they were simply cheering their team. The thinking process had been switched off.

Then, I remembered with horror, how Democrats couldn’t see the corruption of Bill Clinton as he invaded and bombed innocent countries.

What we need in America is a Bill of Rights culture, not this emotionally-based Roman coliseum form of politics. Ten years ago I wouldn’t have understood why the liberals would have been so horrified at the sight of that father who dressed up his son in the military uniform with the toy machine gun. But then I had a chance to talk to the father. He literally wants to offer his son up to the Empire to be cannon fodder for the New World Order.

My father frowned upon toy guns and would take them away if I aimed them at a person or at the family dog, but any time I wanted to go to the shooting range or the woods, he would enthusiastically take me. By the time I was twelve years old I could shoot through the same hole with a Remington 700 at 200 yards. I was given the same firearms training that fathers gave their sons in the 1750’s on the Virginia frontier. I was taught respect for the gun and its awesome power. I was instructed in history and on the horrors of war. I was taught the historical importance of an armed population to resist tyranny as an insurance policy for freedom.

Then, yesterday, I saw these disgusting neo-cons. They were boorish and as weak as rotten trees ready to be felled. To put it simply: we can deprogram liberals. My show has turned hundreds of thousands into proficient gun owners. We sell them on real liberty.

Imagine trying to sell peaceniks on truly conservative and libertarian ideals when the example that they’re given are these clown-like nut followers of Bush. Bottom line: congressional Democrats predominantly voted with Bush for the war, the National ID Card Real ID Act, open borders, Alberto Gonzales, who says that Bush is above the law, and a hundred other issues. We don’t have two parties in this country. We have one party: the corporate party. Here’s a analogy: our political system is like the same person owning two football teams that go to the Super Bowl. Either way they win. It’s time for us to realize that. It’s not what politicians say. It’s what they do.

If you’re doubting me, travel to Crawford yourself.



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You've got too much hate in you.
Please, get a grip.
The world is not going to end tomorrow. Bush is President, Cindy Shehan isn't. Deal with it. Rads like you scare me. Go to work, do what you can, help someone along the way. And have a beer on me. I think you need one.

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