Wednesday, July 13, 2005

"The claim could not be verified; many specialists doubted its authenticity." (So: That's that.)

Q: "An unknown group calling itself the Secret Organization of Al Qaeda in Europe took responsibility on a website. The claim could not be verified; many specialists doubted its authenticity."

Can you let us know who these specialists are?

A: "doubts about because of how it was posted, the language used, and the fact that it was taken down later in the day" were the concerns.




he said there was supposed to be a piece about it on sunday.

there wasn't.



now, it's not his fault...

he said it 'cause he thought it true...

but instead we have...


The Boston Globe

Al-Zarqawi blasts mentor for remarks

By Salah Nasrawi,
Associated Press Writer
July 12, 2005

CAIRO, Egypt --Terrorist mastermind Abu Musab al-Zarqawi criticized his spiritual mentor for urging militants in Iraq to rein in attacks on civilians and warned that the sheik's comments could split Islamic fighters, according to a purported statement posted on an Islamic Web site Tuesday.

The statement, signed by al-Zarqawi, warned his sheik -- Isam Mohammed al-Barqawi -- "do not follow the path of Satan that leads to your destruction. Beware, our noble sheik, of the trick of God's enemies to lure you to drive a wedge in the ranks of the mujahedeen."


In the six-page statement al-Zarqawi addressed al-Barqawi as "his beloved sheik" and asked God to forgive him.



6 pages???

can we see one?

c'mon, how 'bout a peek?


all a nigga really need, is a lil' bit...

not a lot, boston globe, just a lil' bit...