Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Clash of Civilizations: London Live and Let Die

Latest Evidence Closes Case on London Bombings

Netanyahu warning confirmed

Prisonplanet | July 20, 2005

BRITISH police are considering the possibility that the four key suspects in the recent London attacks may have been tricked into setting off their bombs.

"We do not have hard evidence that the men were suicide bombers. It is possible that they did not intend to die,” a Scotland Yard spokesman said.

According to one police hypothesis, the bombers were tricked by a "master” who told them they would have time to escape — when, in fact, the devices were set to go off immediately.

"The bombers’ master might have thought that he couldn’t risk the four men being caught and spilling everything to British interrogators,” an unnamed security official has said.

Lending weight to the theory is the fact that all four men had paid up their parking tickets before boarding a train at Luton for King’s Cross and that they all bought return tickets to the Capital.

Moreover, the paper said, the men were carrying their explosives inside rucksacks, as opposed to strapped to their bodies, as is common practice among suicide bombers.

None were reported to have cried "Allah-o-Akbar” before setting off their charge — something which most suicide bombers do.

So the official line is now leaning towards the theory that an "Al Qaeda" Mastermind duped the "pawn" bombers into their actions, covering for all the inconsistencies we have thrown up so far.

This comes as no surprise, after the mainstream media have been questioning the official line all weekend. Both the London Mirror and the Independent published articles directly challenging the suicide bomber theory. The bombers were certainly duped, yet there is absolutely no evidence to suggest there was an Al Qaeda guiding hand. The fact that these men had been to Pakistan in 2004 seems to be, for some outlets, stone cold proof that they were Al Qaeda terrorists.

One of the suspected "masterminds" behind the attacks, Egyptian Magdy el Nashar, challenged officials to find any credible evidence to implicate him. It seems they have failed as he has been cleared of involvement by Egyptian authorities.

Meanwhile bigger stories have gone unnoticed. Firstly, on Saturday we published an article highlighting the various instances of elite connections to the bombings and the drill that was taking place on the same morning.

Secondly the fact that the British Government had tracked and possibly arrested and then released their so called suspects has not hit the front pages. Could it be that the plot was discovered and then allowed to happen or aided in some way. The media should be jumping all over the fact that the terror alert level was DOWNGRADED for the first time in four years one month prior to the attacks.

Thirdly, it has gone virtually unreported that the Pound fell 6% in 10 days before London terror attacks, a clear indication of prior knowledge on the part of London's financial establishment.

And we now also have an admission by Israeli authorities that they did indeed receive prior warning of the attacks and warned Benjamin Netanyahu to stay inside his London Hotel.

This clearly indicates first that the story of power surges on the underground was prepared beforehand and used as a cover for over an hour to confuse the media and keep away those who seek the real stories. If Israel knew it was bombs before they went off then why wouldn't British police? It's a tried and tested method and serves the purpose of keeping the public and the media in line at the scene of such events.

Also the scramble to alter the initial AP reports of this story indicates that someone was attempting to cover up this smoking gun.

We've been told that there will be 'No internal inquiry' into the blasts so we might as well shut up and just believe whatever they tell us no matter how many times they change the story.

More as the story develops (and the official line changes again)