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Blog Wars: Navy SEAL's Screwed by La Femme Nikita...


I feel awful for the Navy SEAL's, they deserve to fight for a good reason, with good leaders, and a plan to *WIN*!!!

But, instead of working on ending the conflict and getting them home, the Bush Administration is planning to use them to fight (Iran, N. Korea, Syria, etc.) for years: is this the world you want to live in?

I mean: what the hell are they still doing in Afghanistan? Didn't you guys finish that war? How come the leaders of the finest military force the world has ever seen, can't come up with any plan that works to capture Osama?

It's going on 4 years now...

The Navy SEAL's know they're being had - they're on the ground! They can see the failure! A couple have even committed suicide, an extraordinary tragedy for members of the toughest men in the military, and a revelation of how hopeless they feel in carrying out this "Mission Accomplished: NOT!" mission.

There's a famous quote from the mother of a soldier psychologically destroyed by his participation in the Vietnam My Lai Massacre: "I gave them a good boy, and they sent me back a murderer."

You wanna act like this is a football game? Like you can cheer them on from here? You absolutely hate "the troops" if you want to mindlessly use them as gladiators in a video game, and for chasing terrorists both you and they know NOTHING about.

Fact it: if you don't press your leaders to come up with the plan that brings them home, you hate the troops.

People like you are turning them into monsters for your amusement, and to satisfy your sick and blind bloodlust without bloodying your own hands. They deserve better, and you don't deserve to speak of them.


P.S. If you have the eggs for it, see what you've done...

Black Krishna | Homepage | 07.11.05 - 2:36 am | #



the navy seals and the rest of the military are proud of their mission, as they should be.

they're protecting our freedom - and protecting the freedom of the 50 million people we've liberated in Afghanistan and Iraq.

if you don't support the soldiers' mission (which you obviously don't) - then you are not supporting the soldiers.

i do question your patriotism - and your rationality.

al Qaeda would impose an extremist Islamist dictatorship on all of us if they could. the second they get a nuke, they will blackmail us repeatedly toward this end - and will kill millions of innocents without qualm to achieve their goal.

we must stop this horrible future if we can. and that's what we're doing.

nikita demosthenes | Homepage | 07.11.05 - 2:43 am |




Iraqi's and Afghani's are living in constant fear and you are sowing the seeds of civil war. There weren't 100,000 Islamic terrorists in the world before this whole mess: and you've killed at least that many human beings so far.


You have no proof even after the detention and torture of thousands of muslims, that there is widespread desire to take over America and impose an Islamic theocracy.

This is a paranoid fantasty, and has never even been considered before by the Arab world. The Arabs know the world we live in, the U.S. is the biggest strongest country in it, and Arabs have their own problems to fix and no interest in the ludicrous idea of storming the beaches of Virginia.

In fact, you know almost nothing about Arab culture, Al-Qaeda, or the war you are irresponsibly endorsing that is destroying a part of the world you know nothing about. How sad that you speak so forcefully so ignorantly.

(Am I wrong? Prove it.)

The soldiers don't even "support" the soldiers mission - ask them, or check with those who did. They are just following orders lost in the chaos of wars poorly planned and executed, and learning that no one on the Right is working to bring them home.

It sucks to be a football player with a bad coach, and it sucks even worse to be a soldier. Just look at what those poor young men are doing on their "mission", ordered to torture and kill civilians based on the flimsiest of evidence. They are losing any sense of honor and justice, and forced to become monsters.

There is no nobility in being forced to continue this stalemate conflict, and yet you won't seek a straight answer on how to end it.


Black Krishna | Homepage | 07.11.05 - 3:15 am | #



'People like you are turning them into monsters for your amusement, and to satisfy your sick and blind bloodlust without bloodying your own hands. They deserve better, and you don't deserve to speak of them.'

Jeez, BK, it's almost like you don't think there's a war going on. You can take issue with whether the Bush administration is prosecuting the war harshly enough to win - I know I have - but this does not seem to be your primary concern.

Your concern seems to be 'Why isn't the war over yet?'

Maybe you should be getting exercised about the Islamist murderers rather than the U.S. military or the U.S. government. That would be supporting the troops.

John Climacus | Homepage | 07.11.05 - 3:22 am | #




You're not playing to "win" man, you're just playing to play...

Face it: You are not dealing with leaders who want to win - you even admitted it in questioning their ineffective strategy thus far. Halliburton just got another $5 billion dollar contract, that's right... $5 billion!!! Despite official government investigations revealing massive corruption, they still got the deal-of-a-lifetime yet again. This proves you are not dealing with honorable people as your only source for truth - nor good caretakers of taxpayer money.

Face it: the war is going badly. Everyone says that, especially members of the military. In fact, it's going badly in both conflicts, despite "Mission Accomplished" banners, and worse than the political arm of the military ever honestly reveal to you. The backtracking is exceptionally telling, as Cheney will say "almost finished" while Rummy says "10 - 12 years", and yet they manage to convince you they're both still being honest.

Face it: this is another Vietnam. You are trying to occupy a country, and if the U.S. was occupied the same thing would happen - mass citizen uprising against the occupiers. Every ballsy young man would grab his father's gun and go get 'em, and whether you originally supported the actions that invited the occupiers or not, you'd definitely fight for your independence now. They're just like Americans and everyone else: they don't like being occupied.

Face it: You know so little about the culture you're fighting that you accept them as a monstrous stereotype. These are the same people you happily dealt with for years, including covert CIA training and funding of Al-Qaeda to fight the Russians, and overt support of Islamic dictatorships like Saudi Arabia - where "Bandar Bush" and others are from.

You're treating this like a video game in avoiding any complexity, making it easy to play a virtual version of "Doom" where the monsters are all mindless jibbering terrorists. The number of those is in the few hundred, the number of those you're killing is in the few-hundred-thousand: does this make sense to you?


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