Friday, August 08, 2014

RELAX: An Open Letter To You (Propergander Redux)


Hey Everybody, 

After taking a few cracks at this little half-page 375 word poster, flyer, press release or whatever, which is half the length of what used to be an average newspaper article not too long ago, I think this is probably the one that's going out. I'm not sure yet since like anything artsy-fartsy you can go on fiddling with it forever, but it's a nice mix of questions, what you can do and what I can do which is important and more empowering.

Obviously I can't do everything, or anything much really unless I can make money doing it, especially in our modern culture. However, seeing people making each other more nervous every day and as a result it getting worse faster makes me want to try to at least do something. So, here we are. I know you - whoever you are - don't really want to do this. After all, who makes people nervous on purpose unless they're rude or crazy?

Much of it is explained concisely in the piece and the response from busking for the last few weeks has been mostly positive. People understand why someone would try to help people relax since most prefer to, so that's good. My average wage has doubled as I get stronger at most of the songs and more comfortable performing, so that's good too. It's still not enough to support me yet, but hopefully there's time for that.

Anyway, enjoy and do what you think is best, I'll try to get more analytically prolific soon by either blogging or vlogging. But, I've been listening to a few podcasts on leadership (Michael Hyatt is great) and other topics and trying to research "how" to say things since it's more important than "what" you say these days. This is probably more true about subjects that are hard to discuss than anything else. So, I'm figuring it out. 





An Open Letter To You

Questions?  +  647.781.1580  +


My stage name is Black Krishna (BK) and it's nice to meet you. Inspired by Coldplay, Bob Marley and more, I performed on King Street in Toronto for weeks to help people relax. Why? Well, honestly: Are we having issues?

Do you want to relax more? Do you see communication issues and feeling less masculine and feminine than we want making it hard to? You may not want to discuss it, but when quietly forced to deal with it, do you feel bad anyway? See kids copy us and feel bad too? Good news? We can fix it.

''When you work out where to draw the line, your guess is as good as mine...'' 

- Coldplay, ''God Put A Smile Upon Your Face''

It's normal, but do you like us quietly making each other nervous instead of talking? Showing less respect and getting less? Attitude replacing pride? Worrying about quick freaking out or slow nagging? Or the frustrated, ugly, pushy, bitchy and twitchy looks instead of relaxed and attractive ones? No.
So, can you help us change before we're stuck like this forever? Before we destroy our egos? Before stress weakens our immune systems and we get sick? Can you help us get credit for our voice, confidence and grace? Yes.
''Nobody said it was easy, oh it's such a shame for us to part... take me back to the start...'' 

- Coldplay, ''The Scientist''

I know when I share ideas: We do what we want. Men relax and exchange respect. Women relax and act graceful. Children relax and act special. We don't discuss it much, so I'll stop to fit in, or get paid as a repairman to risk working on it for you and do a good job. Cash, cheques or email transfers:

Transit No. 30582  .  Inst. No. 004  .  Account No. 6062898

I'm lucky I can help. So are you. Historically, it takes a few to change the rest who want to. Please do your best. Or, get in touch. Or, share any size contribution so I can help get people to help us all relax so you can relax.


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