Saturday, August 09, 2014

Black Krishna @ El Mocambo, Sat, Aug 9th + RELAX: An Open Letter To You


Black Krishna @ El Mocambo, Sat, Aug 9th + RELAX: An Open Letter To You



I just found out I'm playing at the legendary El Mocambo at 464 Spadina at College where The Rolling Stones, The Who and many other great bands played.

The show is courtesy of Wingspan Music on Saturday, August 9th. Doors open at 8:30 pm, I go on around 10 pm and tickets are $12.

I'm rapping and singing and three rock bands are playing, so it'll be a fun night. Please get in touch and I hope to see you and whoever you bring there.



Call or Text - 647.781.1580


Plus, I've drafted an open letter to you to pass on:



An Open Letter To You

Questions?  +  647.781.1580  +


My artist name is Black Krishna (BK) and it's nice to meet you. Inspired by Coldplay, Bob Marley and more, I performed on King Street in Toronto for weeks to help us relax. Why? I'm trying to help us beat our communication issues and people acting less masculine and feminine than they want to. This seems to be making it harder for everyone to relax. But, we still can.

We may not want to discuss it. But, we'll feel bad anyway quietly forced to see it get worse forever. So, we should fix social constipation for us and our kids soon. Or, do we really want to quietly make each other nervous? Show less respect and get less? See attitude replacing pride? Freak out and nag each other with ugly, pushy, bitchy, twitchy and confusing looks? See our frustration turn into violence? Relax. If you care, then we'll fix it.

"When you work out where to draw the line, your guess is as good as mine..."

- Coldplay, "God Put A Smile Upon Your Face"  

For example, when I perform, we do what we really want to. Men relax and exchange respect. Women relax and act graceful. Children relax and feel special. Still, I may have to give up, feel bad and fit in to make money. Or, get you to help pay me to risk working on it for you. Then I can help people relax who will help you relax. For cash, cheques and email transfers, use:

Inst. No. 004  .  Transit No. 30582  .  Account No. 6062898

If you help, we can stop destroying our egos and the stress weakening our immune systems so we fall sick. We'll get credit for our voice, confidence and grace, speak freely and share relaxed and attractive looks. It's in us.
"Nobody said it was easy, oh it's such a shame for us to part... take me back to the start..."

- Coldplay, "The Scientist"

Historically, it just takes a few to change the rest who want to. I'm lucky I can help. So are you. Please do your best, get in touch and share any size contributions. Then we'll help get people to help you relax and feel happy.


Black Krishna - Not 'Cause You Need It, Just 'Cause You Wannit



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