Sunday, July 13, 2014

Busking, Basketball, Crowd Sourcing, Tweeting, Living, Loving, Lion and Lifing


Hey Everybody in Internetland! :)

I hope all are well and I wake up every morning happy to have what to do figured out while optimistic about trying to figure out how to do it. For example, here's the text of a a little business card/flyer I'm working on:



Besides playing basketball, busking and getting a great crowd reaction to my renditions of Coldplay, Guns'n'Roses and other covers, plus my own songs, though not getting much money yet, finally getting my Twitter account unlocked after finding the email to do it with, living and loving lifing, save for missing normal but probably only as much as everyone else, it's great to be alive and full of potential to help others.

The only thing left for me to do is crowd source enough money to finish making music that captures the current collective zeitgeist, which I know I've done to some degree by the reactions of many in the studio, on the street and more. The Pride Trilogy is recorded but the mixing and mastering haven't been completed yet, so I'm waiting on that as long as people want it. From singing hooks like "You will let go of my mind, every little thing is fine..." to stir the emotions; to rapping "I got this, I got you, I gotta do, what I gotta do..." to stir the balls; I'm confident I can continue to say what needs to be said and how to make a positive impact.

Just a quick updateo with more to come as I formalize my relationship with what's going on as opposed to being all sheepish and sideways about it like we have to; or reacting like that to cancel out the stress of someone else acting like that. I'm so real that I have to fake it which in-turn causes more problems, so instead I'm hoping people use my services well. I'll mix it up, but if I'm enabled I'll throw some hard and straight fastballs to wake and shake things up; which in-turn can help others soft-toss allegorical curveballs to each other, or start to react and treat each other differently and ostensibly better with some direction.

I see this as the last chance to keep us from getting quietly stressed and depressed and I'm glad we have it.

This is great news and I'm not just blowing smoke up my own butt or anyone else's: I know it's possible.

For now, that'll do because it's better than not knowing what might. So, I'll figure out how to say hello.



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