Friday, July 18, 2014

Artist Crowd Sourcing: Help To Communicate Better, Relax, Exchange More Respect and Have More Fun



Crowd Sourcing Marketing

July 18, 2014


It's Nice To Meet You

Black Krishna (BK)

647.781.1580  +

Inspired by Coldplay, Bob Marley and more. Sharing ways to help people communicate better, relax, exchange more respect and have more fun.

Some may feel stressed and depressed worrying about what they or others may say or do. Plus, not getting much credit for it. As an artist, I can help. I'm looking for help to work on our health, grace, pride, confidence, courtesy, chivalry and more. 

Please visit, get in touch and contribute. Thanks. 



The Pride Trilogy

Three Short (10 - 20 min) Albums Recorded: Looking to Fix, Mix and Master

Seeking $1000 in funding to make them free to share with everyone. Ideally by August 1st, 2014, one month after Canada Day, to help more of us relax and enjoy the rest of the summer and school and work year.

Fund What You Can Site:

Sample Song/Video (3 mins):

Running in Vain


Promo Single: Running in Vain from The Pride Trilogy on Vimeo.


Cash Donations or Money Transfers:

TD Canada Trust
Transit Number: 30582
Institution Number: 004
Account Number: 3058-6062898

. – Credit Card Payments (like PayPal - working on embedding)



WYWTBI Private Consulting on Business, Creative and Personal Issues (est. $50/hr)



Young Living Essential Oils

Natural, Organic, Therapeutic, Choose to be a Distributor (wholesale pricing) or a Customer

Enter ID: 1822240 to purchase


Let's Connect:

Mobile - +1.647.781.1580

Email -

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LinkedIn -

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T-Shirts -

Consulting -



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