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CANADA: Fedelection Soon + ONTARIO: Provelection in October = To MP or To MPP? That's the question. (Or both really.)


Just a head's up thanks to Google News, a decent mainstream aggregator and arbiter of what's going on. When papers around the world are talking about Canada's upcoming federal election, likely happening this spring, Canadians shouldn't be the last to know. Our controlled corporate-state media is being pretty sneaky about it too, or they're telling us it's possible, but that we shouldn't really care until they say so.

Harper, Ignatieff and Layton are already attacking each other with TV campaign ads, some at taxpayers expense, so the Orwellian double-think we're forced to live with unless we escape it can be stressful. Let's face facts: if we let our media control our response to this federal election opportunity to get PM and MP candidates to give us better policies: then we won't get them. We're being told this is a headache instead.

Should Canadians really view the chance to elect our MP representatives as a waste of time? Doesn't that become a self-fulfilling prophecy? Or mind control? Isn't that * exactly * what the establishment wants: Canadians feeling hopeless and helpless during a pathetic six-week fedelection campaign? Candidates ignoring our serious issues to keep pace with the mass media's ad hominem attacks? A big ol' joke?

Over the last few years, especially since the 9/11 attacks in 2001, we've seen tons of bad policy that threatens our health, wealth, relationships and future reported in our mainstream papers. Will any of it be discussed this election? Will Canadians use their chance to hold MP's accountable? Will they just accept what they're supposed to say and repeat it? Will they allow and encourage each other to think differently?

We'll see. My plans, assuming I can find financial and logistical support for them, including running for MP, likely against Bob Rae for Toronto - Centre. He's a marginally better target than Olivia Chow in Trinity-Spadina. I'll try to leverage my 2010 Mayoral campaign results with over 2000 votes, it's a good mandate. If I don't win, I'll try to leverage both results to go for MPP in Ontario in October 6th election.

Back in the day, when I was campaign-managing for the early part of Dr. Andrew Moulden's MP - Thunder Bay efforts in 2008, we came up with a website called "" to ask Canadians to get SOMEBODY in there who can raise a little hell. We wouldn't have enough power to mess everything up, but we'd have enough to ask questions, investigte answers, share them and more. Ditto today.

Everyone should think of running while Canadians are interested in "politics" so they have an excuse to discuss real issues. Truthers will have un-precedented, rare and legal access to condo's and apartments to reach Canadians with anti-NWO info as long as they're campaigning for a candidate. People who know what's really going on should try to use their knowledge to affect change whenever they get the opportunity.





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With Ontario's election set for Oct. 6, Premier Dalton McGuinty's Liberals are struggling in the polls.




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