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KAIROS: Opportune Scandal in Communist Canada Served With Sweet'n'Sour NLP Sauce (Oda Baby!), Or-well... What Can You Do?


Kairos (Wikipedia link from CBC News)

Kairos is an ancient Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment (the supreme moment).


Orders of the Day - Kairos* for Oda?

Kady O'Malley | CBC News | February 16, 2011

*For those scrunching up their face in confusion over the lack of caps in the headline, it refers to the word itself, not the CIDA-snubbed organization, which seems ... oddly apropos to the current circumstances, really.

The next stage of the simmering KAIROS/Oda affair may unfold behind closed doors this afternoon as the Foreign Affairs committee goes in camera to debate -- and very possibly vote on -- a draft report to the House on the 'NOT'-doctored document, the minister's statements before the House and committee, and the subsequent breach of parliamentary privilege that may or may not have occurred.


Amid cries of contempt, Harper backs Bev Oda

Campbell Clark | Globe and Mail | February 15, 2011

... Ms. Oda admitted on Monday that she gave instructions for the word “not” to be inserted in a 2009 recommendation that church-backed aid group Kairos be given a $7-million grant – thereby cutting off the funding.

Opposition MPs argue that her admission shows she misled the Commons twice, first by portraying the decision as a routine matter handled by officials at the Canadian International Development Agency, and then when she testified to a committee last December that she did not know who had altered the document. ...

... another committee to investigate whether a vote on contempt should be held.

That might take months, and would likely be symbolic: Parliament has not meted out punishment to an offender since 1913, when Montreal businessman R.C. Miller was jailed for four months for being in contempt.

The most recent case was in 2008, involving then-RCMP deputy commissioner Barbara George – she received no further punishment. Contempt, however, is a rare censure: it has only happened five times, and never to a cabinet minister.


Canadian aid groups told to keep quiet on policy issues

Campbell Clark | Globe and Mail | February 11, 2010

Aid groups say the federal government is casting a chill over advocacy work that takes positions on policy or political issues – and one claims a senior Conservative aide warned them against such activities.

An official with a mainstream non-governmental aid group said that Keith Fountain, policy director for International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda, gave a verbal warning that the organization's policy positions were under scrutiny: “Be careful about your advocacy.”


Just a head's up, every time everyone in the mass media makes a big deal out of something, it's for a hidden agenda. There's no way hundreds of different journalists and editors would all say the same things on the same days - in more or less the same ways - unless a shadow government told them all to. It's the same reason NY Governor Elliot Spitzer's high-priced hooker scandal was on the front page of every newspaper in North America. Even Canadian papers. We should know this by now.

There's a great documentary called "Orwell Rolls in his Grave" (below) with current and former journalists, editors, professors and others explaining the main difference between the media in Communist Russia and North America. The difference is the Russians knew that their media was controlled by the government. That's all. They trotted out politicians from their politburo for a public dressing-down so people would think that the system was fighting corruption. We see it happening in Canada now.

Now, I've been promising to add more NLP-sauce (neuro-linguistic programming) to the stuff that I say or write, like "positive thinking" and so on. Except, I've run into a different problem. From what I can tell, our insistence on acting soft, or stupid, on and offline, to achieve social acceptance, is part of what makes it hard for people to take this stuff seriously enough to think about doing something about it. If we can't get mad, or encourage each other without seeming impolite, we can't get stuff done.

Perhaps it's a good idea to repeat that "most people who work anywhere are nice and just doing their jobs and don't know what's going on" to make it seem like this isn't attacking anybody. However, so many conversations in Communist Canada are supposed to end on a determinedly positive note that everyone is relaxed and there's nothing to think about or do. With the Bev "Not!" Oda scandal, people will actually want nothing really "wrong" to be found to avoid even seeing her punished.

This "Not!" scandal is really a partisan distraction reinforcing loyalty to the fake "left vs. right" political paradigm to divide, conquor, corrupt and control us. Even with no consistency, the left will suddenly stand furiously on principle to attack a right-wing politician. The right will ignore their principles to defend theirs. Everyone else will choose sides. And, the media will sell us how important tax-funded "foreign aid" is when it's a tool of corrupt foreign policy. See: the last 50 years in the Third World.

But, this is still an "opportune moment" (Kairos -- Cairo? -- hmm...) for any politician to sound off on TV and make it seem like they're really fighting corruption in Canada. However, the longest sentence for "contempt" of Parliament was 4 months in jail in 1913 and nothing close since. Today, politicians collude to profit and make sure any punishments are weak in case anyone gets caught. Even if she's fired, Bev Oda will probably get a nice job in the private sector with same people she used to regulate.

Just like with the long-gun registry, long-form census, and long list of garbage we're all told to get mad about every month, none of it will do us any good unless we learn it's real purpose and how the (new) world (order) really works. Once the distracting and mildly emotional partisan bickering dies down, we won't notice how ideas were introduced to change the way we think about the world. We need to transcend the artificial satisfaction we feel from the system's routinely deceptive self-correction.


We have options, but just going along with the political puppet-show is a bad idea.

Canadians can't be conned into thinking that just accepting all this is being nice.

Unless we can challenge the info we get from TV, we can't think for ourselves.

Positive thinking shouldn't be used to help make sense of corrupt nonsense.

Once that happens we'll even encourage each other to like Nazi Germany.

Hundreds of experts with peers, passion, persistence and proof all agree.

Get active in the info war while we're allowed to in Communist Canada.


Orwell Rolls In His Grave

The One Thing The Media Doesn't Like To Talk About

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Orwell Rolls in his Grave

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