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H1N1 Hazard Report: 'CAUTION Flu World Order'





heya toronto spook-seekers! ;-P

this is just a reminder that we can quickly show that we have a consistent commitment to doing something about our problems instead of just learning what they are. there's lots of ways to say we're doing this so others will know we are too:

INFO-SWAT TEAMS: People Walking Around in Nice Weather! :-)

in this gorgeous weather, i'd kill to wander around and flyer the city, especially before martial law is declared. i know, i know, it's not here yet. but, i also know what many of us conspirienced know, which is they plan to implement it and much more.

however, if a group of us, say from tomorrow onwards, agree that we like the idea of distributing flyers or posters, then we can say so. after that, people will see by the evidence we leave that we're serious, then others can learn how to, or join us, etc.

all we have to do is RSVP for the "idea" that we're sharing flyers, posters, dvd's and/or more on a regular basis. we can start symbolically on remembrance day '09. these days i always keep some flyers (etc.) in my backpack and leave them where i want to.

what's interesting is that people worldwide are the same, so that might make things easier. many conspiracy theorists say "why won't the stupid public wake up?" -- and -- many conspiracy theorist like alex jones say to them: "why won't you just take action?"

using an 11 month narrative as a focus, i can say with certainly that there is no difference between the people who don't want to wake up -- and -- the people who wake up who don't do anything (much). we're the same mix of personalities with different knowledge-bases.

since the above is true, the snobbery that many marginalized conspiracy theorists engage in to make themselves feel better is stupid. smart conspiracy theorists don't want to sound stupid, so once they understand this, they'll be more at peace with people and themselves.

if more conspiracy theorists simple acted logically based on their beliefs, then they wouldn't be marginalized either. this is ridiculously obvious, but people still need proof. so, we're either twisted weirdos obsessing in basements -- or -- respected vendors of truth in dundas square.

these little intellectual origami pieces are meant to help define our responsibilities, roles, goals and options in the 21st century. my stuff is mostly public domain in part so i don't have to worry about keeping customers, i just have to figure out and tell the truth and hope people can use it.

finally, saying "let's do something before they kill us!" and not getting a response most of the time doesn't bug me. it's still the right thing to say and more people should say it. so, i'll try to get better at it, but if i'm even half-right in saying it, then you should figure out the other half and say it better.






great stuff [redacted], i was looking to get a white poppy for this year but i couldn't find one, as i recall it was the symbol of the feminist anti-WW1 movement who made the point that war destroys families, including women and children losing dad.

brad, shivvvy and i are meeting at queen and bathurst at 7:30 pm to flyer tonite, if anyone wants to join us please let us know. we'll probably go hard for a few hours downtown in nice weather, i've got my show at 6 am, but i'm up for a while.

after not being able to get online last nite at the lakeview, i got really mad at the NWO and flyered most of my neighbourhood, nobody near me is getting shot if i can help it. we can all take anonymous responsibility for where we live.

finally, it appears my idea here wasn't clear, my bad. however, it's really brilliant and simple and it can work anywhere. as long as a growing visible list of people agrees to start flyering on a regular basis, others can contact them.

the "RSVP" isn't for a specific day and time, it's so individuals can say they're committed to flyering and postering as long as we can. people can at least see and respect that, and over time perhaps join the growing list.

therefore, please consider RSVP'ing whenever you'd like. there's nobody checking how often you flyer or poster, but everybody can see you're part of a growing list of people who say they're doing it, which could help.

sorry for the confusion, sometimes if i don't explain stuff and people have questions, other times i do explain stuff and people don't have the patience to read it. no worries, we'll figure things out either way.


p.s. i'm getting real-time intell from an H1N1 flu shot clinic from a trusted truther, i'll transcribe the txts and send them shortly. i can only get online for 2 minits at a time, my apologies for delays.



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