Tuesday, November 10, 2009

INFO-SWAT TEAMS: People Walking Around in Nice Weather! :-)


DON'T GET SHOT: Words From The Street



Announcing a new Meetup for Toronto Truth Seekers (TTS)!

What: INFO-SWAT TEAMS: People Walking Around in Nice Weather! :-)

When: November 11, 2009 @ 11:00 AM Kick-Off

Where: GTA, Toronto, ON



Hello TTS Family & Friends,

First, sorry, but it's hard to reach me online anymore. I can't upload or download, etc. After weeks of working fine beside a big glass window, my bought and paid-for downtown OneZone Wireless service now kicks me off every 2 minutes until I re-boot my computer. Anyway, that's one big reason why you haven't heard much from me lately.

You can call or txt me at 647-865-9292.

FYI, this really, really, really slows me down.

For example, it took me from 12:00 - 4:30 pm just to upload a new flyer:

10 Real Medical Doctors Who Explain The Risks Of Vaccines - Should Work! :-)

(Sorry there's no link, I just couldn't upload it, so I'll send it to people if it's possible.)

Regardless, especially in the nice weather, we're having a blast. After our street action and dinner at Fran's on Saturday, Brad, Yuri and I flyered cars and polls from (ironically) the hospital district near where we parked, up to U of T, up Spadina, across Harbord, up Ossington and back east to Spadina, where we stopped for some late-night printing.

The next day, Yuri and Brad flyered uptown Toronto from 11 am - 7 pm. What can we say, walking around with your friends doing something fun, healthy and productive is just as much fun as it's always been. We passed cops on bikes and politely stopped for a minute, nodded, and kept on flyering. We're not doing anything illegal, but we're being respectful.

As I understand how the whole "fascism" thing historically plays out: most people see it coming, still assume it's not happening, ignore the chance to do something about it, and then feel bad later. That's a really stupid way to deal with it. But, just like anything else stupid, once we know it's stupid then we don't have to say or do it anymore. In 2009, we can do much better.

Brad, Yuri, Andrew, I and other TTS members are looking to work with others to cover the whole GTA. We'll track our progress on a map with red areas until it's all red. When it comes to being "able" to do it, the people who haven't yet just have to trust the people who have to confirm it's safe and effective. Personal anecdotes are available, and frankly a lot of fun to tell.

For example, when people see us, they don't say anything. They don't tell on us in parking garages. They don't mind that we touched their cars briefly after they see we're not "selling" anything, they just say "Thanks!" instead. For the adventurous, there can be adventures. For the less-adventurous, as Yuri joyously yelped on Saturday night: "Finally an excuse to walk more!!!" :-)

Please RSVP or communicate in some fashion to share your thoughts. People are getting really sick of the the media's relentless fear campaign to push the H1N1 vaccine, so the people who provide an alternative point of view are a welcome relief. While it seems like the bad guys are going for broke, that also means this is the greatest opportunity to wake people up in history. We should use it wisely.

Warm regards,

BK -- or -- Vijay



INFO-SWAT TEAMS: Supplemental


* FYI Prologue *

(pron: "CSI Miami")

It's 11:30 pm and I'm enjoying being online at the Lakeview Cafe (big Masonic handshake logo) and loving the ridiculous hi-speed free (while buying a meal) internet access. I downloaded some Watts, I'm keeping up with the Joneses, I have to produce tomorrow's CKLN radio show and I have to wake up at 4:30 am to be on at 6. I also had to finally watch some of our latest awesome videos and want to shout-out the awesome filmmakers' awesome YouTube channels:

Dan Dicks & Bryan Law - http://www.youtube.com/user/weavingspider

Steven Davies - http://www.youtube.com/user/TheDaviesChannel

Danny Liberty - http://www.youtube.com/user/SupportLocalScene

4 Small Anti-Swine Flu Vaccine Flyers with
should really be enough to convince anyone:


While we're no longer allowed to use our table after they asked us to get a permit to use it, these videos prove we used it well: Over the last month, after being incrementally and mysteriously cut-off from the OneZone Wireless internet access that I'm paying for 8 hours a day and 6 days a week where I'm stuck at work beside a big glass window downtown, now that I can use it again, I'm addicted again, in part because we can use it to keep it forever if we decide to use it even better.

* DIY Leapfrog *

(pron: "Speaking of which...")

The "INFO-SWAT TEAMS" Meet-Up idea is like many others, or it's universal, so feel free to pass it on. In addition to people regularly suggesting formal meet-ups with a time, date, place and program, this is just a list of people from the same group who say they're distributing flyers. That's all. While people hate lists, they may also hate just guessing about how many of "us" working on this there are. All it would take is a few people saying they're doing it to help us start.

People can contact each other and team up for a couple of hours, etc.

Many "truthers" like doing things like they're secret agents, or incognito and so on. But, that approach hides the possible inspiration they could provide others and removes the possibility of connecting people who could like each other. Seeing on the TTS Meet-Up (among other groups worldwide) something like 260 members and 26 of them saying they're regularly distributing flyers would prove people do it, connect them to do it, show others how to do it, succeed in doing it, etc.

People who see other people doing stuff are more likely to do the stuff.

When it comes to understanding how many people are not just "understanding" but rather also "resisting" the New World Order and trying to wake people up, we can all use logic with differing evidence to come up with our own optimistic (lots of people are) or pessimistic (few people are) theories, or insurance policies (religion) to make sure we feel okay regardless. However, actually seeing numbers and other evidence that certifies it changes the game and proves to anyone that we're in it.


Regardless of how ideas like this manifest anywhere in any form, everyone should logically try to make them happen for their own needs. Right now, nobody can stop anybody from defending their family and friends, so nobody can complain about anything instead of doing so. Since we're smack-dab in the middle of an attack labeled as "genocide" in journalist Jane Burgermeister's lawsuit, and we're on the list to get shot one way or another, any ideas that can help stop it should be developed.

Please RSVP as you'd like, some of us will see shots flyered on Wednesday, 11/11/09.