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Black Krishna vs. The New World Order: Audio Collection




1. BK & D vs. The New World Order

Philosophical conversation.

2. BK, D & The Monk on the Couch vs. The New World Order - Pt. 1

Philosophical conversation over Beastie Boys "The Mix-Up" album.

3. BK, D & The Monk on the Couch vs. The New World Order - Pt. 2

Philosophical conversation over Cashious Clay's "The Product" instrumentals.

4. BK & Toronto Truth Seekers vs. The New World Order

Philosophical conversation after TTS street action outreach on November 7, 2009.

5. BK, D & Static vs. The New World Order

Philosophical conversation evolves into a freestyle session with 2 vocalists and a DJ.


sounds good [redacted], i'm also up for having adventures into small towns.

road trips, bonding, waking up communities, small towns talking to each other, finishing a whole tiny town with a flyers and/or dvd's for every single person guaranteeing they discuss it in some depth, alien big city mysterious visitors cruising the countryside, understanding how different people react to the info, proving your dedication with your time and energy, etc.

it's good stuff and your plans sound great, so i'm 100% behind your idea.

however, imho, and simply logically prioritizing with limited time for good results:

i wouldn't prioritize it over building something solid in your area to protect your community.

if we do it big in toronto, the rest of canada will kNWO, and then the rest of the world will kNWO too.

strangers carpet-bagging truth would be fun, hell -- i did it in north bay, ontario last october when i campaign-managed for dr. andrew moulden's mp campaign. i even said it, or "yeah, i'm from tronna, i just came up here 'cause doc has a good chance of winning here and we could do some good if he's elected. but, as part of that, i also really don't want you to shoot your kids."

so: even strange brown big city-slickers can hang out in small towns on a mission.

so: people don't mind if you bug 'em nicely with some quality conspirashit.

so: we can roll thru any hood in the world and move like we kNWO.

so: we're in business and doin' it bigger than bilderberg... ;-)



p.s. hot-damn! my OneZone Wireless bought and paid-for service works like a charm at king and john, but somehow at queen and bathurst it went from decent to utter constantly-kicked offline crap. anyway, it's good to be back, surf's up! :-P


yao jezyu, thanks for ya track'n'vid, here's what i wrote:

[quote="Black Krishna"]i liked the track and nice work making a simple vid pop with smooth effects and edits, congrats. i'd mix your vocals a little higher to push yourselves as mc's, but otherwise either way the beat bangs and the vocals are solid, good job, stay up and keep holdin' it down...




meanwhile, to anyone out there who wants to get illa 'cause fam told you to get shot, just don't let whatever he says keep you from checking out the other side. i'm easy and i'm done talkin' about this sh-t every time someone feels like they wanna battle on some bullsh-t.

below is what i put on my new "f--k off" flyer, which basically says:

"okay, here's 10 real medical doctors who can explain why vaccines suck, so pick any one and listen to them, and don't bother me about this, you dealing with it is not my problem, it's yours, and to the extent that it's my problem, my solution was giving you this flyer, so i'm out."

here's where you can download the powerpoint file, one of many types:

here's the 10 real medical doctors who explain the risks of getting shot:


10 real medical doctors questioning the effectiveness of vaccines:

Dr. Shiv Chopra, MD, Health Canada Whistleblower -

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, MD -

Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD -

Dr. Barbara Loe-Fischer, MD -

Dr. Andrew Moulden, MD -

Dr. Rima Laibow, MD -

Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, MD -

Dr. Rebecca Carley, MD -

Dr. Joseph Mercola, MD -

Dr. Gary Null, MD -


Please visit these great websites on the swine flu pandemic:

Canadian Legal Vaccine Exemption Forms

Canadian Wayne Prante's "We're Not Gonna Take It" Campaign

Journalist Jane Burgermeister's Baxter/WHO Lawsuit

Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock - How To Detox If You Are Forced To Take A Shot

Actors Jenny McCarthy & Jim Carrey Help Autistic Children


hey babe,

i'm glad you're in a good state and we discussed a lot, but one thing that comes to mind is your friends -- they don't know any better -- so don't blame them. i think i said this to you a while ago, but if you use your superior intelligence, experience and empathy to help them figure stuff out, or "tell them what do to" and are consistently right, then they'll be cool with you. it worked for me before i started saying a bunch of other crazy stuff, so don't do that. but, don't be afraid to help them realize that they learn more and better than what they've learned so far to feel better than they have so far, it helps with that whole "getting old" thing and people older than us have figured it out.

good luck, stay up, hollatchabuoy! :-)



thanks dood, i don't think it takes away from anything i'm saying, but i'm glad i got the information. if people want to write everything else off based on that, suck corporate c-ck and get shot instead, then they don't make any sense, and the metals in the vaccine reaching their brain will only exacerbate that.

i'll change the flyer to say "Dr. Shiv Chopra, PhD" instead, but since he was hired by health canada to evaluate the safety of drugs for humans as a microbiologist, i'd say his work on vaccines is still dope. he's a semi-famous canadian whistleblower and many of us know him, but i've seen a lot more.

the only thing that doesn't make sense is trusting liars who've killed people, or the mainstream media, to be your default opinion. when you choose not to be a liar, or not to repeat the lies the media gives you to repeat, then you might get a few things wrong, but at least you're trying to get them right.

no worries, because even if we're wrong, it doesn't have to last long.

once you learn the right answer, seconds later you're right again.

therefore, again, thanks for the info, i'm going back to work.



p.s. don't even try to front, he risked his life and career, homie's a hero.


Microbiologist Shiv Chopra Talked About H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccination


Whistleblowing incident

In 1998 and 1999, Chopra, along with two co-workers: Drs. Margaret Haydon and Gerard Lambert, testified to the Canadian Senate Standing Committee on Agriculture and Forestry that they were pressured by senior supervisors to approve multiple drugs of questionable safety, including Bovine Growth Hormone (rBST).[9][10][11] Prior to the mad cow disease crisis in Canada, Chopra warned the government that the current handling of feed to cows was inadequate.[12] Following this, Chopra, Hayden, Lambert and colleague Chris Bassude complained to the Public Service Integrity Officer (PSIO) office, a federal investigative body under the jurisdiction of the Treasury Board of Canada, indicating again that they were pressured by their seniors to pass a number of veterinary drugs without proof of human safety.[13] They are recognized as the first whistleblowers in the Canadian public service.[12] The PSIO case was initially dismissed in 2003, but the ruling was appealed to the Federal Court of Canada.

[edit] Firing from Health Canada

In June 2004, Chopra, Haydon and Lambert were fired from Health Canada. Health Canada denied that the trio was fired for speaking publicly about the pressure employed by their supervisors to approve the usage of a number of animal drugs, but did not reveal the exact reason, mentioning that the reasons were confidential and included in the letters of termination the three scientists received.[14] Chopra's letter revealed that the stated reason for his dimissal was his "total lack of progress" in a current project.[14]

Three weeks later, Chopra received a congratulatory letter and a gold watch from Deputy Health Minister Ian Green, declaring that his "years of service have not gone unnoticed" and that he had "earned praise and respect."[14]
[edit] Federal Court decision

On April 29, 2005, the Federal Court of Canada quashed the previous finding of the PSIO, and found that the PSIO had inadequately handled Chopra, Haydon and Lambert's complaints. [13] The Federal Court's decision called into question the credibility of the PSIO, citing a failure in the organization in protecting whistleblowers acting in good faith.[13][15] [16]


btw, i hate when this happens, but too-often no matter where it is, nobody posts after i post, whether it's on message boards, youtube videos, listserves and so on. while it's a phenomenon that can come in handy at times, like when i shut-down a message board criticizing doc moulden last year when i was campaign-managing, i really don't like it among friends.

no worries, either way it's interesting and valuable information for any concerned.

fyi, this might be as good a time as any to give people some background, so below is a copy of an email i sent to friends a few years ago. in practical terms, the only thing i ever wanted was for people to think and get creative, and maybe make and drop some flyers off. if that happened, i wouldn't have to keep plans to finish this myself handy just in case it didn't.

no worries, we might win or lose the easy or the hard way, but it's good to play.

finally, don't worry about me, nobody does and nobody has to, i'm good. i'd rather people figure out how simple it is to beat the new world order once we know they exist. it must be an ongoing process, but once people start thinking about how to beat the new world order, they'll definitely come up with stuff. if some can't think anymore, then others have to take care of it.





Sunday, March 6, 2005 10:46 PM

Subject: "Who wants BEEF?" - "I do! I do!"

I'm strong enough,
2 carry,
T-Dot on my back,
And the whole of Canada,
Holla back...


Sunday, March 6, 2005 10:46 PM

Subject: "Who wants BEEF?" - "I do! I do!"

...bizzy weekend cuz'... were right...


...i was also right... that's cool....

jah, dawgodonthisearth: i gotz 2 say CMW was worth going to, met some headz and chased some tail, and i rolled wif' da JL and was gettin' love 4 my uniform "Bush Is The Real Terrorist" shirt - and i'm assuming hate (no one stepped 2 me) 4 pimpin' politrix, and 'cause i ain't playin' propah fakin' NY/LA...

it was cool - i got mebbe 10 power-points that could've been filtered by someone, but probably not as well as i could 4 myself. so, you were righter, but i gotta tell ya - i was clockin' mad b.s. bitchin' too, foolish cats in the game 8-lives deep and scared, lookin' 2 the Track Jesus 4 salvation...

(...oooh, that was good.)

(...i'm'a write that down...)

( yeaah...)

so, screw'em or save'em, eida-orr i'm'a get my Alexander-the-Great-on unitin' tribes'n'vibes like sour cream'n'chives, and riffin' on Jigga:

I'm strong enough,
2 carry,
T-Dot on my back,
And the whole of Canada,
Holla back...

peace and change...

BKB - vij

p.s. 4 those interested - an interesting side note: who would've ever thought the music biz was a wikkid place to meet hot chicks???


...gotta stay focused...'s all about the music man...

... ;)


in my humble opinion, asking for unconditional love when it comes to defining the right tactics is just programmed new age nad-less b.s., or stuff that'll see us want to play in a sandbox instead of playing to win. when bilderberg meets we get stories of shouting matches, think tanks evolve ideas through a dialectic process, it's worked the best for thousands of years, etc.


just like in most circles, we can receive constructive criticism and still feel good about our ideas. after all, if someone takes the time to think about them and say more than "good" or "bad", then perhaps we can use their feedback to make our ideas better. unless someone has a history of messing with you or others, then it stands to reason that they might be trying to help.


unless we want to fall victim to the same new age mumbo-jumbo turning everyone into brave new world happy-tomatons, which is fun now, but will turn us into mindless paranoid children and weaken us spiritually later, we should resist our normal brainwashing by discussing stuff like grown-ups around here used to, or like they do in other social circles and countries. it's normal.

or it could be.

ironically, this is an example of it.

it seems like we have to beat the new world order.

therefore, it also seems like we have to continue improving our efforts.




hey [redacted],

let's aim for monday morning at 6:30 am, i'll call you from the station and we'll go live to air for 20 minutes, it's a good length but it goes by quickly. i'm very impressed with all the work you're doing on this issue, most conspiracy theorists (to take back the term from the CIA) including myself have given bill c-666 and codex hellimentarius a short-conspira-shrift, so i'd love to have you on to make (rec-)amends.

imho, i'd suggest you try and give the press something they can use without insulting them, otherwise a lot of work and anger will be expended with few results. from what i can tell, the secret society behind this is pushing hard, but there's institutional resistance, so if we give journalists well-sourced stuff they can sell to their editors, then they can run it, otherwise their editors will expose themselves as spooks.

good luck and lemmeknow... :-)



fyi, just some mass murder going on around here staining our pretty white snow red. sh-tty, but what are you gonna do? i mean, once you learn something is going on, what are you gonna do? or was learning something is going on it. hmm. there's gotta be a better way to stop this stuff than to just know it's going on.

in fact, lots of people know what's going on, just like lots of people kNWO a central banking cabal is enslaving or killing off the population of earth. that doesn't seem to "stop" it. we appear to be in good shape though, knowing that almost everyone knows there's something wrong, perhaps pushing something right would work.

alex jones recently said something similar, or we have to say what we want as opposed to just saying what we don't want. once there are competing ideas then people can choose, but if there aren't, then our fascist default kicks-in and we resort to the devil we know instead of the devil with a better sales-pitch against the devil's advocates.

anyway, there's a canadian hero-guy below if you want to say hello.

What Liz and Joe Don't Want you to Know:

Documenting and Challenging Mass Murder in Canada

by Kevin D. Annett


are you serious?

(ahh... shit.)

(i've gotta control my temper.)

(it always gets me in trouble.)


my bad, it's not your fault.

this is just the cynical sh-t we get to fail.


honestly, i really hate good people getting casually shafted.

especially by people who defend "the system" and fight the people trying to fix it.

that's just stupid.


i'm not saying believe everything.

i'm saying think more carefully before you sh-t on someone.

nobody gives up being a doctor... to fight big pharmacide... to make money.

you don't get the media coverage... or the salaries... or the big foundation research grants...

you don't get the "dr. oz" tv shows... lucrative book deals... senior medical and business connections...


i'm bored of this.


so, one by one and "on to the next one, on to the next one..." (jay-z)

1. umm... hip hop fans NOW think "making money" is bad?

2. okay, so courageous whistleblowers have to be "broke" to keep it "real"?

(f--k you. ahh... shit. control... control...)

3. how do you expect these people to live and get their work out here without money? to feed their families? to buy bling?

4. i've never bought anything from any of them and i've learned a ton of stuff, so what's the beef when nobody forces you to buy a g-ddamn thing?

5. when they offer tons of free "how to live better advice", why deny them the opportunity to put their name on something they sell just like anybody else does?

6. what's the problem with certified medical doctors giving people healthcare options based on learned medical principles -- and -- letting customers compare safer natural cures with the proven big pharmacide nightmare we live (die) with?


like i said, i'm bored of this.

just do whatever the hell you want.

(ahh... shit. sorry about that. control... control...)


p.s. here's a googled bit of what they give up, the credibility metrics for this quickly check out. it's a book, he's been interviewed by other media... and... this sounds exactly like the sh-t everybody who looks into it says.

"Doctors are allowed to test new drugs on their own patients out of their offices, can be paid up to $20,000 per patient, and are not required to tell their patients they are earning up to $2 million on the side for reporting the drugs effects and reactions."

Death by Prescription
Terence Young’s Book Launch Speech
Massey College, Toronto, April 14, 2009


About the Book...

This gripping account of his journey is highly personal.” “... a broad and free-thinking critique of how the global economy promotes unwise and unethical use of prescription drugs.

– Thomas L. Perry, MD, in the September 2009 issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal

...The most interesting book I read this year. I’ll strongly recommend it to my colleagues.

– Pierre Biron, MD, Honorary Professor of Pharmacology, University of Montreal, co-author, Practical Drug Safety from A to Z.

Death by Prescription is an important book to read—and understand—for anyone interested in their own health, or that of their family.

– Richard Ciano, Executive Director, School of Practical Politics, The Manning Centre for Building Democracy.

This book is a ‘must have’ for every household and especially for seniors. Terence Young tells his readers what most doctors won’t – that all drugs can be poisonous – and what each of us can do about it.

– Rev Canon Derwyn S. Shea, Chairman and CEO, St Hilda’s Towers Independent and Assisted Living Residence, Toronto.

A compelling, well-structured read that will be appreciated by any reader with an interest in the inner workings of big drug companies. And given that millions of Canadians take prescription drugs every year, this should be a large readership indeed.

– Paul Challen, from the book review in Quill & Quire.



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