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"we're nazi's, and we're ignoring the "nazi" part of being a "nazi" that we hate most: the genocide we're tacitly or explicitly endorsing..."


touche on the consolidation of wealth and power. that's what i was getting by making the claim that these groups never left but merely repackaged themselves and their ideas, which were simply resold at a higher market price. the zonder commando were jews who performed the ghastly task of actually terminating their fellow man in the camps. unfortunately, their role is commonly overlooked when reading history. they transgressed the virtues of brotherhood and humanity for reasons of misguided self-interest. yet, after 1945 these very individuals rewrote history and cleared themselves of any wrong doing. would any other ethnic group have the capacity to so? i wanted to know if you considered these "nazis" as well.

hence, "these folk" that you discuss, which meet secretly to plot their ascension irrespective of any adverse effects their path may have (ie. Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Aspers, etc...) are bonded by their roots, which simultaneously function as a membership card to their exclusive circles. those that fret about using the term "conspiracy" either fail to understand the intensity and frequency of their power or are complacent about remaining pc and not disturbing the status quo or both. meanwhile, wealth and power are further centralized in the hands of this group. this is not to say that every jew is privy to this but if you observe at who monopolizes and controls the levers of power in business, law, medicine, accounting and a sleuth of other influential professions then how can you deny their might. how can one group have displaced the rest of the world from power? i'm not advocating any particular action. merely asserting that we can't be blind to the facts.


yo b-diggidy,

i'm with ya, and on your first paragraph i agree - we're acting like nazi's.

the problem i have is that we don't realize what nazi's acted like, 'cause they acted like us. they weren't all bloodthirsty savages constantly battling and slaughtering, in fact they had a vibrant (if rather increasingly homogenous) culture thriving for much of their run, they participated in the world community including the olympics, and later this was up against some formidable adversaries in russia and much of europe even before america stepped in.

now, there is no one to challenge the anglo-american elite, especially with the globalization economic stranglehold they have on the rest of the world (hugo chavez: watch your ass... oh, you are? never mind...), so we could - in the latest words of formidable ghetto poet Ice Cube - "Laugh Now, Cry Later". as for the jews that helped, hey, it isn't like people put in horrible situations haven't acted horribly before, and like with every silly argument had today, one factor doesn't make or break it or fundamentally affect it or fix or deny the original problem that precipitated the argument. that's a very right-wing tactic, using one perceived flaw or mistake or shocking detail or something completely unrelated or unmentioned thus far to tarnish an entire argument or someone's character; or to make that the end-all be-all of one's "win" at an argument - e.g. you proved what you brought up irrespective of your opponent's acceptance of it as a valid definition of their side or defining factor in the argument, so you win, good for you. Fox News does this all the time: "Was Saddam a bad guy? Okay, then shut up!" once they've established that's all there is to establish, then they can conveniently ignore any discussion of the various war crimes taking place - or the "war" in general.

it's a cheap "ah-ha!" tactic that doesn't encourage dialogue or understanding, and it's getting much more common these days under the fascist coarsening of the discourse in general. on the jews selling out their own, there's brown doods shilling for the "torture is necessary to keep us safe!" crowd on "24", but i don't know why doods are doing it, nor whether they are of necessarily poorer moral character than the average: that's my point.

we're nazi's, and we're ignoring the "nazi" part of being a "nazi" that we hate most: the genocide we're tacitly or explicitly sanctioning or endorsing in the middle-east.

the embedded press isn't even allowed to ASK about depleted uranium or "D.U." as a part of their agreement to be embedded - and with good reason: it's arguably the greatest war crime in human history, with the costs in human life and to future generations far above and beyond the systematic gas chambers used by the nazi's. the number of people poisoned on both (all?) sides is staggering, with soldiers coming home incredibly sick, their children born deformed, military clean-up crews coming back with cancer, local iraqi's dying by the thousands and giving birth to horribly deformed children, to say nothing of the other congenital birth defects that will fundamentally alter the gene pool for thousands of years, and the winds blowing that same poison dust across africa, asia, europe, and by the looks of things, very shortly north america.

by supporting the most brutally hypocritical actions in human history - EVER - including disappearances, torture, radiation poisoning (40,000 Hiroshima bomb's worth), carpet bombing, starvation, rape and genocide against an enemy who is absolutely NO threat to us - no one can prove it - and no one can prove al-qaeda was responsible for 9/11 - and with us desiring to stay willfully ignorant of what's going on - and being self-satisfied with random awful reminders that an escalating "war" is happening and our admittedly lying and corrupt governments are handling it just fine... well, we're acting like "nazi's".

that's why i don't sweat peeps just living man, sure it's time we all made our choices a little more principled, but that doesn't mean we aren't all in on the game: anyone who uses "money" is supporting the petro-dollar cycle that allows the u.s. govt to print money and circulate it into the overall money supply while lowering it's value and sending huge profits to a few select individuals or families that only entrench their control and power. it's just the mafia dood, and all they do is run their sweatshops - from PriceWaterhouseCoopers to RicePaddyKneeDeepers. it's that simple, and nobody gets paid what the advances in technology should enable their labour to produce.

now, i'm not saying we should use a communist model of economic governance - then we wouldn't have the technology, but i am saying that we are glaringly ignorant of how things work, and about the inherent corruption in the system that's worsening at a rapid rate - on purpose, and devolving into fascism - or the natural deterioration of corrupted capitalism. this is what die-hard free-market advocates are missing: their role in hiding the massive corruption behind the insitutions that are telling them to sell us that point of view. economists and talking heads are low-level thugs sent to bludgeon us all into accepting one model of economic governance and policy as "reasonable" in the face of all the available evidence to the contrary: it's masterful stuff by "The Money Masters", touche.

if we had more metrics for what an ideal system of distribution looks like, then we could better course correct when things go radically wrong - like now. it's not hard to come up with a series of equitable guiding principles and rules on guaranteeing a base-healthy subsistence for everyone on the planet with the amount of resources we have, and it's only through regressive de-regulation and corporate media's support of the same that we forgot checks and balances on capitalism are healthy. i mean, we're taught to think that everything but "this" is unreasonable, and yet, in that same world, if it were proposed that one country should use 25% of the world's resources while half the world starved... one would think the economic theory justifying this was completely mad. then again, it is what it is: mad. there may be a few suggested ways of working around this, but the school-hardy thing not done often enough is to see whether it can be tackled head-on as a matter of human decency - and FIXED.

on your second paragraph, and the uber-rich and powerful in general, all i know is this:

what the hell would you expect them to do?

c'mon, this is just getting frikkin' stupid.

we know crusty old racist rich people are evil bastards, we know that in many cases the richer you are the more isolated and evil you are - and don't "Oprah" or "Bill Gates" me, there's hundreds of billionaires you bastards... where the hell they at? huh??? we also know historically that the rich try and screw the poor, we all say it a bajillion times, they're lapping up their recent corporate dividends and the bush tax cuts, they're torpedoing the american economy and fleeing the sinking ship, they're buying private islands and private security forces all over the world, they've let policies that perpetually and cruelly disadvantage 99% of the world persist and thrive, etc., etc...

so, why in hell wouldn't they get together in secret and try and screw everyone?

why wouldn't they trade like hell on inside information about all their plans for next year?

why wouldn't they make it easier to control governments, corporations, geo-political shifts in opinion and other factors to rake in enormous amounts of cash?

if the Big Oil guy says by the third quarter oil will be $100 a barrell, why wouldn't you invest early and cash out when it peaks? if the Big Govt guy says he's looking to increase the "defence" budget (umm... when is it ever used for "defence"?) by several billion, then why wouldn't you invest and get in on the flurry of no-bid contracts early? if the Big Media guy says they're going to shut up about savetheinternet.com, where Big Telecom is trying to take away the internet by getting rid of Network Neutrality - essentially how you get to surf wherever you want - and replace it with their own group of selected websites that have to pay their ISP for bandwidth or be refused access to the web - then why wouldn't you invest in Big Telecom and give them the push they need to shut the millions of people up about your historic corruption and crooked insider trading?

so yeah dood, nitpicking on issues of race ("zionist conspiracy"), or mysticism ("the illuminati"), or whatever isn't really the point: we need King Kong, Godzilla, Voltron and Grandizer (for his "Screw pressure punch!!!") led by Optimus Prime to run our own Nia People's SEC - Sucka's Exchanged Commission, and get to learning what these cranky old fuckwits may not even see: they can't control the destruction of the world. it will be beyond them, and beyond their capacity to save it or themselves if they do. they can hunker down or bunker out or just jet to some private island out there, but either way - once the air and water is fucked, we're all fucked. ugh.

anyway, i just caught two strange-ass things that caught my eye on the weekend:

1) Gil Scott-Heron has a song called "The King Alfred Plan" - i highly recommend checking it out, where he quotes U.S. regulations about sticking all the undesirables in camps - and this was back in the 1970's. today Halliburton got a $400 mm contract to build camps for emergency situations - it was in the Chicago Tribune, but alas, nowhere else. man, this new rise of "disaster capitalism" makes me think the bastards can control the weather too, i mean not all of it, but we already got cloud seeding - and most farmers swear it works, and I heard President Ford's former weather-dood on The Alex Jones Show say they had developed a way to mitigate hurricanes by seeding clouds near them to weaken their force and siphon off some of their power, and i'm sure some Googling would turn up some interesting stuff anyway...

2) I just saw "12 Monkeys" again on the weekend, a wikkid flick i bought the other day for $12, and it shows how 5 bln people were wiped out by a super-virus about 10 years ago (in the movie), while the rest lived in cages waiting to "volunteer" to go collect specimens in a highly toxic surface of the earth where none but the animals roam. you'd figure if the elite were to do this - release a virus or bio-weapon that kills all humans and keeps everything else looking fairly shiny, they'd have the antidote or immunity for themselves too. well, i've heard they got bunkers - in fact there's a whole secret govt set up around 9/11 by the white house to keep things running just in case a nuke hits the capital, and that's apparently where flight 93 was supposed to hit before a small group of heroic passengers forced it to crash land over an unbelievable ** 8 mile radius**.

hmph. anyway, makes me wonder if they're late...

so yeah, there you have it dood, and buh-dee, buh-dee, buh-dee, that's all folks...


Peace by plainly pointing out persistent problems...



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P.P.S. Check this out too while you still can!

Congress is pushing a law that would abandon the Internet's First Amendment -- a principle called Network Neutrality that prevents companies like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast from deciding which Web sites work best for you -- based on what site pays them the most. If the public doesn't speak up now, our elected officials will cave to a multi-million dollar lobbying campaign.


Global Research / Infowars.com

Canada: A Galloping Police State?

Marjaleena Repo | June 19 2006

After five years of what can only be described as intense “terrorism envy” by our security establishment —with their repeated predictions of terrorist acts in Canada — the country has moved up a notch, to terrorism frenzy. The discovery of an alleged conspiracy by 17 Muslim men to attack facilities in Toronto and kidnap parliamentarians (as well as beheading the prime minister) — ostensibly to get Canada to withdraw from Afghanistan— came just in time before parliament debates the renewal of our post-2001 anti-terrorism legislation, and when support for Canada’s all out military involvement in Afghanistan is softening by the day.

The June 2 arrests were done with massive police involvement. Snipers on rooftops, in full glare of the notified-in-advance media, guaranteed 24-hour TV coverage and screaming headlines, topped off by a full court press conference by the CSIS and the RCMP. A full-fledged national crisis was born, fueled by rumours and fear. Our whole national security was at stake, and Islam, and to a lesser degree, multiculturalism, was to blame, for enabling such individuals to function underneath our very noses. A new term, “home-grown terrorists,” was slammed into our vocabulary overnight.

While the frightening picture of religion-driven extremists was bombarding our senses, the lawyers of the accused complained that they could not find out what the evidence against their clients was, could not even talk to them without armed police presence. Two weeks after the arrest, the accused and their lawyers are still in the dark about what led to the extreme charges. The accused are kept in solitary confinement, forced to sleep with lights on and woken every half-an-hour during the night.

A media ban has been imposed, preventing the press and the lawyers from exposing the exact nature of the information or discussing the court proceedings. The initial horrific rumours are left standing, fueling more fears of all things Muslim (now interchangeable with “extremist”). Some of the Muslim community were also pulled into this vortex of hysteria, trying to do the impossible: disassociating themselves from “bad” Muslims and pledging to do “house cleaning,” to rid their mosques and communities of such individuals. For this they have received many pats on the back (and head) from the amen-corner in the media and security establishment.

Two weeks after the spectacular arrests, Canadians still know next to nothing of the doings and utterances of the 17: they were on chat lines (watched by the police), they played paint ball and did target practice in the woods (watched by their neigbours), they wore camouflage and military style boots, they had ordered a large amount of ammonium nitrate, a potential component of bombs, some of it delivered to their door by a police agent. We don’t know how many were involved in any of the above. Five pairs of boots were displayed for the cameras, six flashlights, one walkie-talkie set, one voltmeter, eight D-cell batteries, a cell phone, a circuit board, a computer hard drive, one barbecue grill, a set of barbecue tongs, a wooden door with 21 bullet marks and a 9 mm hand gun. That should do it —clear proof that they were up to no good!

But wait a minute, is this scenario not deja vu from August 2003, when 24 Muslim men were taken down in an similar early-dawn police action, apprehended for planned terrorist acts such as bombing the CN tower and nuclear facilities in Ontario, their names and faces plastered on the media, far and wide? Much mutual congratulation among the intelligence community, the police and security forces ensued. Project Thread, as it was called, however, turned soon into Project Threadbare: nothing was found on the men, no evidence, no plans, no conspiracy, no tools to accomplish their dastardly deeds, and no membership in an “Al Quada sleeper cell,” as was initially claimed. They were cleared but not before being incarcerated, some for months. In the end, a couple of the men were found guilty of minor immigration infractions and deported. Others left the country, disgraced, their lives in tatters, only to find their “terrorist“ reputations following them to Pakistan, where some ended up being interrogated and jailed before being released. They have received neither an apology nor a penny of compensation from Canada.

Is it possible that the CSIS and the RCMP have learned their lessons, that they have worked harder to make the charges stick this time? Having watched the 17 men and boys for several years, with no terrorist acts having occurred, they appear to have helped the suspects along by entrapping them, including delivering an order of ammonia nitrate to one of the suspects (although with contents substituted). Perhaps we will find out that the purchaser was reluctant but the agent was ardent in his determination to make the terrorist charges hold, at last.

With the defence of the current accused already thwarted, we can expect a show trial and a kangaroo court to justify the terrorism hysteria that is so aggressively being cultivated, day in and out, by authorities and much of the media. With several other Muslims being held for years on dubious “security certificates” — challenged now in the Supreme Court of Canada — we will likely see more Muslim men end up in the no-man’s-land of Canadian justice, without trial and due process. A galloping police state is emerging, in a fashion, familiar to those who know their history, of 1930’s Germany.

It is time for Canadians, living blindfolded and silenced in a fool’s paradise, to remember Pastor Martin Niemoller’s famous warning to his fellow Germans, here freely paraphrased: “When they came for the Muslims/I remained silent/I was not a Muslim. //When they locked up the Aboriginals/defending their ancient lands/I remained silent/I was not an Aboriginal// When they came for the brown-skinned immigrants/ I did not speak up /I was not one of them// When they came for the critics, the dissidents, and the protesters/I did not speak out/I was not one of them// When they came for me/There was no one left to speak out.”




SOURCE - http://www.infowars.com/articles/ps/canada_gallop_ps.htm

ORIGINAL SOURCE - http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=viewArticle&code=REP20060619&articleId=2668


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