Wednesday, January 04, 2006

It's 2006... Happier New Year! :-) "It's not me"?

Do guys say: "It's not me"?

I know when it comes to buying or trying stuff I've heard many a girl say that hat is "not me", that dress is "not me", etc., as opposed to "I don't like it" or "I don't want it".

(I'm guessing some guys do in the age of the metrosexual, after all, we're hunters, and to get the chick, one must become the chick...)

(Or not.)

Studying the use of language as a representation of how one thinks is fascinating to me, a public reinforcement of ones state of mind that can also reinforce ones power to control their mood.

To wit: is it a question of "me" or "it"?

If it's "me", then it speaks to the insecurities of ones inability to pull-off something, if it's "it" then it speaks to the inanimate object in a neutral way that simply doesn't work for you.

They will add up to the same decision, but the former states a responsibility for the failure of it's appropriateness, while the latter suggests no such responsibility and thus reinforces one has no self-esteem issues vaguely at play.

Each time the idea of something being "not me" is repeated it's another bar for a jail-cell of one's own making, and while one may be perfectly happy in jail, they may not like looking at the bars as they add up and constrain their ability to grow in any direction they choose. On their own the bars mean little, but they speak to the individual's arbitrary decision to start defining their personality in terms of limits as opposed to possibilities, and eventually analagously build links between what's been decided is "not me" and future supposedly parallel options.

After all, if bucket-hats are "not me", then what happens when they come back in style and you can't wear one or are afraid to try? What does that say about your trendy place in society in falling from an achievable young and hip grace?

Possibly nothing.

Hell, probably nothing.

Still, it sucks when one is unable to do something as opposed to simply preferring not to, so hey, stop saying "it's not me".


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