Monday, September 12, 2005

Democracy NOW! (Because really, it's just a good idea.)

"So many lies in disguise,
Prompt sighs,
I keep rubbing my eyes at the why's,
They even troubling white guys!
White lies,
Are the sins of omission,
It ain't superstition to understand,
The media's main mission,
Selling you it's alright,
So you don't put up a fight,
Don't want you too bright,
Or boycotts are in sight,
I caught,
The Red-light,
Of a sniper-sight,
Aimed at my chest,
They wanna test the blessed?
My smart friends are stressed?
How'd we all get messed?
Up in our own spots?
Thank God shortie connects the dots..."

The War & Peace Report...

Hosted by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez

*Monday, September 12th, 2005: Listen/Watch entire show.

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Today's Show
Headlines for September 12

- John Roberts Nomination Hearing Begins Today
- Report: 1,500 Children Still Separated from Parents After Hurricane
- EPA: Toxic Waters Could Make City Unsafe For A Decade
- Rep. Baker (R-LA): "We Finally Cleaned Up Public Housing in New Orleans"
- Tom Delay to Hurricane Survivors: " Is This Kind of Fun?"
- Pentagon Set to OK Use Of Nukes In Pre-emptive Attacks
- Two Journalists Detained in Haiti
- U.S. Activist Scott Parkin Jailed in Australia

Los Titulares de Hoy: Democracy Now!'s daily news summary translated into Spanish

New Orleans Activist Points to Neglected Corpse as U.S. Military Passes Off Blame

Democracy Now! reports from the streets of New Orleans. We speak with community organizer Malik Rahim who points out a dead body in his neighborhood that has been neglected since hurricane Katrina hit and we ask soldiers and police why it hasn't been picked up. [includes rush transcript]

New Orleans Resident Discusses Race and Looting at Circle K

New Orleans resident Mike Howell is a "holdout" - one of those refusing to leave his home - in the French Quarter. He discusses the looting of a local grocery store saying, "this could happen in Santa Monica, California, it could happen on Long Island, New York, it could happen in Palm Beach, Florida...if people felt they were going to run out of food and water." [includes rush transcript]

New Orleans "Holdout" Compares U.S. Military Evacuating Residents to Nazi Germany

A New Orleans resident discusses why she is refusing to leave her home in the French Quarter and describes how soldiers approached her house and asked her to leave: "It was kind of like being in Nazi Germany, [the U.S. military] came with guns and told us we had to leave our home. Very, very nasty, and said they would come back the next day and drag us out of our homes." [includes rush transcript]

New Orleans Resident Outlines the Seven Betrayals by Government and Rescue Operations

New Orleans resident Mike Howell discusses how the federal and state government, relief organizations and aid agencies betrayed the people of his city in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. [includes rush transcript]

New Orleans Evacuee Compares Louisiana Shelter to Jail

We go to Gonzales - between Baton Rouge and New Orleans - where a shelter has been set up for evacuees. One New Orleans evacuee compares the shelter to jail and says, "It ain't our fault that the hurricane came and we had to come here. Like we had to end up in a place that we got to be told what to do." [includes rush transcript]

Overkill: Feared Blackwater Mercenaries Deploy in New Orleans

In addition to the thousands of military troops patrolling the streets of New Orleans, there are also scores of private soldiers that are now spreading out across the city, like those from the Blackwater Security firm. Democracy Now! correspondent Jeremy Scahill reports. [includes rush transcript]

NY Firefighter in New Orleans : "This Is Much Worse, This Dwarfs 9/11"

As the eyes of the nation remain focused on these devastated Gulf States, people across the country marked the fourth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks. In Baton Rouge, some 300 New York Police and Firefighters held a commemoration ceremony. We speak with one firefighter about hurricane Katrina and 9/11. [includes rush transcript]

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BONUS: Bravo Italia...

"I can't see,
I can't see,
I can't see, no more,
What's war for?
Do we even know anymore?
Can't bear to see the pictures,
Can't bear to read the scriptures,
Can't bear to hear the victims cries,
So lies become fixtures,
Everywhere in the world,
So many dare to unfurl,
The mysteries of history,
That make us all hurl,
Got my Superman curl,
It covers my third eye,
But only just enough,
To make me think I can fly..."

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Impact of Depleted Uranium on Man and Environment in Iraq

DU.JPG (24937 byte)
du baby2.jpg (13719 byte)
du baby1.jpg (13499 byte)

L'utilisation d'Uranium appauvri
durant la guerre du golfe et ses effets

Further Evidence on Relation between Depleted Uranium, Incidence of Malignancies among Children in Basra, Southern Iraq

DU11.JPG (25040 byte)
DU1.jpg (17953 byte)
DU12.JPG (19759 byte)

Depleted Uranium
Facts for All the World to See



(and now i'm fighting with to load a great picture of Father Jean-Marie Benjamin and a group of Iraqi kids that refused to load. even his own website only loads half of it, and it would've been a nice piece of propaganda to offset the disturbing image of the child above, prove he's been there, and that he's done his homework.)

(i even tried re-naming and re-saving the half-pic, and i'm still waiting... waiting... waiting... for to say again they won't load it.)


(and there you have it: censor-sational. the results are below, just check his websites home page to see what i'm talking about.)

(i've spent enough time on the internet to know this crap is turning into a pattern, and even a Google Search of "Black Krishna" no longer turns up a listing for the free download of "Martial Law 911: Rise of the Police State" despite Google still listing a far less popular review of mine from the same site...)

There were errors during upload.
The following images were not uploaded.

* jmb.JPG

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Blogger Black Krishna said...

Okay, now the "Martial Law 911: Rise of the Police State" listing is back up on Google as the 16th listing in a search for "Black Krishna".

However, now is no longer listing the number of times stuff has been downloaded - a great sales pitch for the rest of us to try it.

So, while last I checked it was downloaded 5,519 times, allow me a bit of poetic licence: since then a million people have woken up and decided to figure the game out, and it's now been downloaded 1,005,519 times.


Y'all need to check it now, huh?

10:34 AM  
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