Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Policy for Power vs. Policy for Policy...

they're just being pricks, investing money in a "eugenics" program like this instead of a program to stop creating crack addicts. it's like that side of the debate isn't even an option, like it's tired or doesn't exist anymore, like we're supposed to give up and focus on how to keep these people from infecting society with their awful crack babies.

this is good for their power, and makes us all feel like the government is keeping us safe from crackheads; but it's bad policy: they're just making more crackheads so we never feel safer unless they ratchet up control again. i'd rather they stop making crack than have the powers-that-be-profiting work all sides of the game while squeezing us in the middle, and selling us scary scumbags on the news.

this is just another evil federal program to support those who profit off a screwed up society and screwing the people in it, and maybe it's just the alex jones i've been bumpin' that's ranting here, but frankly it's the only thing that makese sense. who the hell makes policy decisions like this from a compassionate perspective? sterilization as an option for the press, and as a strong suggestion to the women who show up? what if these women want to have kids later?

sure it makes sense on some levels, it has to when no other options are presented as viable. the pill should be there as an option for all women, but there's no other test for being a good parent and we still have a tonne of screwed up kids: what's next? i've heard kids'll be psychologically tested every year from age 5 - 18, and the drug companies wrote the tests for the feds. ugh.

what about those Columbine kids? to quote the great Chris Rock: "What happened to crazy? Can't you be crazy anymore?"

there's always gonna be crazy people, but this crap just seems to be making more of us... er--, them...