Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Thinking Points Memo?

Frog-Marching Time

McClellan is Pressed Again

Kerry, Clinton: Fire Rove

George Did Not Respond

GOP Talking Points on Rove;
Smear Wilson, blame liberals


"...if anyone in this administration was responsible for the leaking of classified information, they would no longer work in this administration." (VIDEO)

--Scott McClellan, October 6, 2003


MR. McCLELLAN: Wait -- I don't think that helps advance the investigation.

Q: All right, you say you won't discuss it, but the Republican National Committee and others working, obviously, on behalf of the White House, they put out this Wilson-Rove research and talking points, distributed to Republican surrogates, which include things like, Karl Rove discouraged a reporter from writing a false story. And then other Republican surrogates are getting information such as, Cooper -- the Time reporter -- called Rove on the pretense of discussing welfare reform. Bill Kristol on Fox News, a friendly news channel to you, said that the conversation lasted for two minutes and it was just at the end that Rove discussed this. So someone is providing this information. Are you, behind the scenes, directing a response to this story?



Rove gets the Daily Show Treatment

You knew it was coming. A week off to unveil a new studio.


Our favorite characters are all there. Novak, Joe, Karl, Judith, Scotty, Bush, Michael, Cruise and more...

Ken Mehlman on Wolf

Check it out. He hits all the GOP talking points.

Video-WMP only

Think Progress has more from Luskin: "Blame Matt Cooper: Byron York just published an article based on a new interview with Rove’s lawyer, Robert Luskin. It represents a new evolution for the Rove spin machine. Now, it’s Matt Cooper’s fault. Oh, and by the way, Luskin added that Fitzgerald told him Rove is a “subject” of the investigation. "

John Gibson: Rove deserves a medal

via Oliver Wilis: FOX News anchor John Gibson just said on air that he thought Karl Rove deserves a medal if he outed Valerie Plame in his "My Word" section.

Click here for the Video

GOP Talking Points on Rove: seek to discredit Wilson

Raw Story has obtained a copy of this must see memo.

That has been the message I've been seeing from conservatives the last two days. Shift the focus onto Wilson; as if that changes anything Rove did. The apologists must be terrified because these talking points are flying off the presses.

Kerry and Clinton say "Fire Rove" at Press Conf.

Kerry makes an excellent statement about how Rove's leak relates to national security. ( David)

Video-WMP only

Pamela has the full text of the statement.

Russert: If this was a Democratic White House, we'd have Congressional hearings in a Second.

Tim was on the Today Show this morning ( wearing his super double secret serious face ) discussing Karl Rove's involvement with leaking Valeri Plame's name to Matt Cooper. The telling moment came when he said:


Russert: One Republican said to me last night. If this was a Democratic White House, we'd have Congressional hearings in a second.



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