Saturday, July 30, 2005

Re: Does Al-Qaeda Exist?

Re: Al-Qaeda exists in our minds for sure...

Hey Muslima,

In brief: my position on just about everything is if a bunch of us have questions, we deserve answers.

I'm sure rhetorically we can argue and one of us (or one side) will eventually win, but really I'm just being logical here, and anything "settled" for good on a message board isn't as valuable as taking the disputed case whittled down and clarified here to its most compelling essence to those in power.

On the article and Al-Qaeda's existence: I completely agree with you and Legacy, and I've got a few thoughts...

1) Al' ain't done nuthin' good for muslims.

2) Al's done a lot of good for Dubya and Co.

3) Al' was very well-funded and armed (by the CIA and Saudi's) with a charismatic leader, and they STILL couldn't galvanize much muslim support back in the day before 9/11.

(And even after... I don't want to leave it hanging but the muslim relationship with the various interpretations of Al-Qaeda are too complex to get into here, and the above point deserves to stand on its own and be reflected on it's own anyway.)

4) Al' was denounced by a "leading" muslim cleric in a very carefully chosen public opportunity. That means he was well-established within the establishment and working within the system to help the British muslim cause, and STILL felt the need to possibly spike his future by making an accusation that could destroy his relationships, destroy his credibility, destroy his standing, and get him arrested.


Because he felt he had to.

There is absolutely no other reason I can imagine with the damning statements he made, and even as a Culpability Theorist I don't believe the government was behind his surprise attack. If they were, he would've said stuff way dumber and come across far worse, and the media would've picked it up widely saying: "See? Even the smartest muslims we trusted are going crazy!"

We'll see how it plays out...

5) Al' is just too damned convenient, and even if you don't believe in the "CIA helped nurse him back to health" among other stuff, it makes no sense for the U.S. government not to have worked with their best buddies in Pakistani Intelligence to capture him by now - 4 years later...

6) Al' doesn't exist as a widespread and growing network, if they did they would be flexing far more competently and forcefully given their ability to pull off the "19-hijackers flying into buildings" operation, and based on the fact that the U.S. is still in Iraq. The argument that Al' really "wants the War in Iraq to continue to get recruits" doesn't make any sense: a few more successful terror attacks would accomplish the same thing or better. The argument that "the U.S. increased security and military is preventing another attack" doesn't work either: if it was so good they would've captured him by now...

I also wrote a short (I promise!) piece called:

"Where is the political arm of Al-Qaeda? Sinn Farsi? Sinn Falafel?"


I based it on the fact that there should be some competent political wing of similar to the IRA's - Sinn Fein to actually formalize their demands, feel free to check it if you'd like...

Peace, (NOW!!!)