Wednesday, July 20, 2005

(Money) + (Stuff) = Security

Simply put: ALL businesses are the same.

And that's it really, all businesses are the same in that they want to do more business, and big corporations are more driven to increase business via shareholder pressures.

This can be expanded into theories that question the morality of those involved and how they justify or even enjoy the spoils of war, but in reality, even if there is widespread disagreement amongst world-domination agendas they can all default to a unifying goal: making money.

It makes perfect sense to me, and cuts clean through all the variables involved - "conspiracy" and otherwise. In a perfect world the SEC would've crushed their influence on military and government policy years ago, but of course, this beast has been growing for years.

It strikes me that in days of olde, anyone who had a lot of money or stuff would need to have some sort of security to protect it - or someone else would take it. As the amount of stuff you had increased, so would the awareness of others without stuff of your stuff increase - and their desire to take it.

So, the more stuff you have the more you need to protect that stuff, and that includes the fluid value of stock prices and dividends. Anyone who buys-in later in the game certainly isn't prepared to take a loss on their investment, and likely wasn't of the highest character to be supporting these enterprises either.

Or... they truly believe in their right to benefit from absolute capitalism and the need for a strong military. Either way, the same pressures are brought to bear on maintaining a corrupt system.

I'm guessing the relationship between stuff and security has gone back thousands of years, so despite the fact that they sell us security as needed to protect us, in reality, it's just to protect their stuff...

Peace, (NOW!!!)