Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day! "Who's Yo' B-tch?" Wait. DON'T think that way. Let me Rap'splain.


Posting from the hallowed Book of Faces (aka FB), all hail the Zuckerbilder... ;P


FYE, (ears? entertainment?) Happy Valentine's Day, plus I wrote the song I'm posting here with a controversial title that may need an explanation just in case people see the title and don't hear it. I saw a beautiful brown girl working a small clothing store at Morningside Mall in Scarborough, got my nutz up and went over with a smile ready to lay down my Scarlem Mack.

However, I noticed she seemed sad, so I put my nutz away and switched my brain on again as the blood rushed back there and asked what's wrong. She talked about a boyfriend who was the jealous type and hard on her, he even called her on her work phone while we were talking and asked where she was. Let me repeat: on her WORK phone. Just as a slap I'd guess.

I wanted her number at that point to help her, but she was scared to give it since he checked her cellphone too. So, I said goodbye and was mad as hell.

Later, I was driving on the 401 and some related lyrics popped into my head, so I pulled over on the express lane shoulder, wrote them down, then found a beat for them. The resulting song is called "Who's Yo B-tch?" and it's me yelling at men (which I often do since I can which people often respect) to tell them to stop treating their girls like crap and then feeling like the person they're close to who they spend a lot of time with is crap, which makes them feel like crap, or the whole thing's a waste of time and worse.

Anyway, it's all explained in the song, so check it out if you feel, it applies to the "lie to 'em, bang 'em and dump 'em" crowd too since even when it's casual it's better to connect with respect or find someone else to do something else with and make better use of your and their time.

FB Addendum:

Since the culture has been raised to be selfish and people are often thinking they're acting out of self-interest, no problem, I simply attack the problem from that angle too so I can help 'em snap out of it instead of just pissin' em off and making them act even worse.

On the real, and while not "all the time" as it's in style to say to make the rational seem absurd, I've been cussin' out guys for a long, long, long time while trying to teach women, or really while trying to teach and speak to both. So far we still get along well in general.

Anway, as I said, it's all explained in the song, get ready to ride... :)




P.S. FB Post-Script from Another Pissed Off Chick Made Happy by This Song:


Q: "Nice! Is that you? Did you rap that?" (paraphrased)

A: Thanks Ms. [redacted], I'm really glad you liked it and hope it helps. Yes indeed that is me, or my stage name or alter ego "BK" which I still use in artistic and activist circles. That guy's crazy and thinks he can do anything until everyone else believes him, while "Vijay" or "Vij" is Mr. Normal for fam, friends, work, whoever, etc. At least that was the plan until I crossed the streams for various reasons (interviews, friends projects, credibility for issues, etc.), but I'm switching back to it so I can have one guy "will" and another guy "chill", it gives me more freedom than half-steppin' and tip-toein' around stuff to make people sort-of but not really happy. Anyway, I hope that helps explain things, once again please let this pissed-off dude do his thing for ya' once in a while, find it sexy if you'd like and have a Happier Valentine's Day! :)



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