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Satisfactionable Intelligence: The Why Behind Being Asked To Lie + The TwitterRevolution: Death Threats to a Country in 140 Characters Or Less


Just a head's up, I heard tales of ye olde Johnny Research being asked to fudge data on cures he works on, probably for a vaccine, by ye olde Johnny Professor, to the serious detriment of the health of the people who would take it, to get his PhD.

Since he and other students are asked to do this often and most soon agree, this doesn't seem to be unusual. This just seems to be how the eugenicists in charge eventually corrupt or kick-out many of the good people trying to work in science.

When students are tens of thousands of dollars in debt for the dream of working in a research lab, it's hard to resist. So, they'll either finish their degrees or find another jobs to pay off their loans. The sociopaths in these programs do just find thanks.

One thing missing from this equation is how to stop it. Unless people want to see this bizarre and dangerous normal continue, among others, they'd make sure that everyone gets hip to the new world orders coming down the pike to help fight back.

People often don't know why their boss is being such a bastard. (Or beeyotch, to be politically correct and refer to both genders.) Sometimes they just are. Other times they're hardcore eugenicists who mean to compromise people who work for them.

Most people understand lying for money. But harming or even killing people? That can be harder to get. However, we've seen drugs like Vioxx kill over 10,000 people before publicity forced Merck pulled it off the market. Like they hadn't noticed before.

Eugenics can be hard to understand, but the idea of breeding people has been around for hundreds of years and well-documented in the last century. The super-rich wanted us a certain way to fulfill their goals. Now they're trying to get rid of us.

This might be the proverbial "missing link" when informing people who work in fields that are consistently compromised, like science and healthcare. Doctors, nurses and others who create or provide deadly vaccines (etc.) could find ways to stop.

Fortunately, we have the goods on the "system" to share. Once we understand it, most other individual realities we're encouraged to create fit inside the new world order explanation. Yes: there's a reason why they haven't found cures for anything.

Optimistically, we can estimate that 90% of people who work anywhere are decent human beings. We can also estimate that 90% of people don't know what's really going on because it takes a long time to research it. That leaves us with options.

Chief among them is sharing info to get everyone informed. We get conditioned in stages to accept changes often planned years in advance, so we have to stop that from happening by creating our own positive developments to follow where we live.

As long as people can share and accept info, it can become something to discuss. Then people can change how they think about the world to make better decisions, plus professionals will be able to come forward to help fight for legislative changes.

Sometimes all or nothing suggetions don't offer steps needed to achieve them, like everyone going on strike or not paying taxes. Nothing big can be done without little steps first, so the info war proven to keep us in the game is our best simple option.

Below is an article that helps reveal some of what we're trying to stop: our ongoing lobotomization in the scientifically engineered global dictatorship being set up. Once people figure out where this is all going, we can work on choosing a better direction.


‘Why is cleverness frowned upon?’ – Great Article on the Dumbing Down of Children

I’ve came across this article from The Independent describing the “non-learning” happening in UK schools. Funny, we the same phenomena is happening in North America:

Why is cleverness frowned upon?

Tom Hodgkinson

Having three children in the state primary system, I’ve seen the results of New Labour’s Brave New World anti-intellectualism up close. Academic work has been largely dropped. Times tables, spelling, grammar and good handwriting are not taught.

One teacher told us that correcting spelling might interrupt “the creative flow”. In the playground, age-old games such as conkers and It are banned, as they might upset someone. The local authority, we are told, has also banned the ancient game of football, because it encourages competitive behaviour.

Instead, pupils are treated to lavish praise, sex education and colouring in, plus a big dose of television via the whiteboards. The place is awash with laptops. There is a therapeutic ethos, and in “circle time”, pupils are encouraged to talk about their problems at home.

Cleverness is frowned upon: yesterday my daughter said she didn’t like being clever and was considering doing bad work so she would be moved down a set.


Post Scripto Facto:

TwitteRevolution: "Egypt Will Explode" -- Death Threats to a Country in 140 Characters (Or Less)


FYI, we're not only being told about the power of social networks to spark revolution, we're being "sold" it by our mass media. The headline in the Toronto Star today was protest opposition leader Mohammed ElBaredei Twitting "Egypt Will Explode". Why?

ElBaradei warns Egypt will 'explode'

After two weeks of media coverage, people will want to approve of the protests to support the people without thinking about anything else. Many won't see explained on Twitter how ElBaradei is a Western stooge and all this was planned for a while.

Wael Ghonim of Google plays an integral part in ElBaradei’s bid to seize power

We're probably being encouraged to revolt the same online way that can be easily controlled by intelligence agents on the internet. Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook tend to make us over-simplify things, so they're being promoted a lot.

EGYPT: ElBaradei shares joy at Mubarak ouster via Twitter

Based on what's planned, there's no doubt that people in North America will be mad enough to riot. We can stop it, but if we don't, we'll see simple acts like protesting and rioting being organized and promoted more often just to cause social unrest.

Mubarak Stepping Down: Twitter Sounds Off on the Momentous Event

Right now, we're seeing retarded and obvious blurts being reported as if they're the best political discourse of the day. We're being encouraged to compete to over-simplify the mass media's version of events and celebrate whoever does it best.

The revolution is just a tweet away

Keep in mind that governments worldwide, especially since 9/11, have been building massive armies of militarized police and soldiers specifically trained to crack down on protests and riots. We saw it at G20 Martial Law in Toronto. And at every G20.

G20 police-state reaction still haunts Toronto

This is why what's happening with the protests in Egypt is so dangerous: we're all being set up for a fight with our cops again. This is something that probably started happening right after G20 Martial Law in Toronto. Or, it's been happening for years.

CKLN 88.1 FM's Rude Awakening: The Toronto G20 Aftermath: Are We Being Set Up To Fight With Our Cops Again? - June 29, 2010

People often think they thought of their strong opinions about popular topics, but they were often given their thoughts by the mass media. While many get trained to avoid doing so, as long as people keep an open mind, they can figure out the time.

EndGame HQ full length version

Views: 1,016,344

Divide and conquor is the oldest game in the book. As long as the super-rich keep (cops and) people fighting, they keep people from fighting with them, or the people destroying our health, economy, relationships and more. Get active in the info war.


The Mapmakers of Society

The beginnings of a Scientific Dictatorship

Old-Thinker News | August 4, 2010

By Daniel Taylor

In order to understand our history, the development of our society and political structure, the influence of the large foundations in America is an essential area of research. Their investment into the social sciences and medical establishment shaped their direction for the 20th Century and beyond.

Social control and eugenics became a primary directive. These ideas, primarily due to the work of the Rockefeller and Carnegie philanthropies, spread throughout the intelligentsia and elite circles throughout the western world.



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How To Tell The Truth in the 21st Century

FYI, these interviews can help us understand the world.




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