Tuesday, January 25, 2011

V for Victory Campaign: Should We Have Action Signatures At The Bottom of Our Posts?


Just thought of this idea and I'm kind of excited about it. Instead of just hearing or sharing bad news about the new world order, why not commit to adding a small "Action Signature" to any online posts? That way we won't just get used to hearing bad news, we'll also get used to sharing what we can do about it. Instead of just accepting all the changes happening, why not consistently promote solutions too?

Propaganda works through repetition. It's that simple and always has been. While the content and means of repetition can be varied, from subtle to overt, the basic concept is still the same. Repetition works to motivate ourselves and others. It all depends on who's doing it. Religions and big institutions know it and use it. So we can too. Then more people will get used to seeing what can be done about all this.

We can have a standard short siggy that leads people to the same place, which also has the added bonus of being repetition. Or, do a little digging and come up with solutions specific to the info being shared. The new world order knows the best way to motivate large groups of people to do something is to use the old Hegelian dialectic, or loosely, provide a package of problems, reactions and solutions for us.

People can do the same when sharing info. It's getting harder in the Twitterverse age of social networking destroying paragraphs, sentences, vowels and ultimately our ability to think. But, as long as we still have it, we should be fine. The UNESCO global education program wants us learning as fast as possible to change the way we think so we accept all the planned changes. But... they don't want us thinking.

However, not only can we think, we can use what other people who are working on this new world order or globalization problem have thought of. The act of thinking that people might respond postively to the solutions offered will put more of us in a positive state of mind, give others the idea that they should do the same and help support campaigns currently working to inform more people so they can help resist.

Think of how valuable it can be to always see things to do about what's happening.

Perhaps it's better than repeating just learning what's happening and accepting it.

Before warm weather info war campaigns start: can we get people in the mood?


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