Tuesday, December 15, 2009

On To The Next: No One World Government (Remixed)


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Oops, sorry folks, the last mix-vocals were 1/32nd of a beat ahead of where they should be, plus other messy stuff, so consider that one the "32nd Degree Mixinry" version. I got some timely and fantastic feedback from a guy on the HipHopCanada.com message boards when I posted it, thank goodness. The convo is below, I love when this happens - Peace, BK

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Your content is extremely on point, the lyrics are dope............but I would seriously remix this so your vocals are ON BEAT. You are way ahead of the beat, and that weird autotune/robot voice isn't working for you fam. This track has the potential to actually be about some real shit, and sorry to say, it falls flat because the verses sound very amateur due to their timing over the instrumental. Fix that up and repost, please and thanks.


thanks man, will do. i'm just tight on time, but i appreciate the feedback and agree, if i take a little longer i can pull the best possible mix out of it. sometimes i'm so used to hearing a track while i'm working on it that i start liking it before i finish it, plus whatever with the gear, but no excuses, it's my bad for not tightening it up if i'm going to ask people to listen to it. will work on it tonite and pop it up tomorrow. once again, i appreciate the push.

blackkrishna post reposte:

yo gqstylez,

thanks again, the first thing i did when i got home is grab the vocals and slide them 1/32nd of a beat to the right. i can't believe i made that mistake. i still like the last weird mix, but you were absolutely right.

i often record with a mic'd machine transferring the signal directly into ableton live on my computer. the problem is the latency, i have to turn my mic down in my headphones or the delay throws me off. it's faster, but tougher to nail tracks when you can't hear yourself. it's been a while, but this time i recorded only into the mic'd machine only so i could hear myself, then transferred the vocal tracks onto my computer, then fed them into ableton live. i was in a rush so i made a mistake in the process.

no worries, this final mix is as much as i could get done last night and this morning before work, it's much better. much obliged again for the honest feedback, it's my favourite kind. as for songs, it's on to the next one...






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