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CKLN Radio 88.1 FM Rude Awakening: Climategate vs. Copenhagen, December 7, 2009



EPA Threatens “Command-and-Control” Economy to Push Climate Change Agenda

Kurt Nimmo
December 9, 2009

The Environmental Protection Agency’s recent declaration that the life-sustaining gas carbon dioxide is a dangerous pollutant is part of an effort to establish “command-and-control” role for government. EPA boss Lisa Jackson declared carbon dioxide dangerous prior to her scheduled appearance at the Copenhagen climate summit in Denmark.

Command-and-control is a military term defined as the exercise of authority and direction by a designated commanding officer over assigned and attached forces in the accomplishment of the mission. In the case of the EPA, the mission is to impose the globalist climate change agenda on the United States.


Greenhouse Gases on VOA's In Focus

VOA's Vincent Makori reports on how Lisa Jackson, an U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator, declares greenhouse gases are a threat to public health.


FYI, this is an MP3 of Monday's show courtesy of Danny Liberty, thanks a million, it's shrunk to 13 MB's for easy download. I'm trying to get copies from our radio-logger, but for now, but if anyone out there has a PVR or TiVo system and Rogers Cable channel 947, or some way of recording the show automatically from 6 - 7 am at, please let me know. I'd like to start posting the radio shows at 7 am as soon as they're done, that way people can use them to get a jump on the day's propaganda. Details are below.



CKLN Radio 88.1 FM Rude Awakening

Climate Change vs. Copenhagen

December 7, 2009

CKLN Rude Awakening is a morning news radio show hosted by Black Krishna (BK) on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 - 7 am. It can be heard on 88.1 FM or Rogers Cable 947 in Toronto, or streaming at online. This episode takes place on December 7, 2009, on the first day of the Copenhagen Meeting taking place until December 18th. With 192 countries attending, the stated goal is total UN control and regulation of the world's energy emissions to stop "global warming" or "climate change" which, combined with other international agreements, would effectively create a world government. While many had legitimate questions about the man-made "global warming" or "climate change" theories, it was finally and conclusively proven to be a giant fraud when thousands of emails and data from the top UN climate scientists at the University of East Anglia (UK) showed they know they're lying, get paid millions to lie, and discuss how to lie better and suppress any credible questioning by individuals or groups. Climategate vs. Copenhage plus the days news and other real issues are discussed, music is played, and clips from Alan Watt's "Cutting Through The Matrix" (dot com) radio show and "The Alex Jones Radio Show" ( featuring Paul Joseph Watson are shared to help explain all this. We have many problems, reactions and solutions, to explore them more, is one recommended source. Please share or use this public domain show if you'd like how you'd like.


FYI, pubic domain CKLN Radio interviews with veteran climate scientist Professor Timothy Ball on the global warming/climate change issue are below.


GLOBAL WARMING: Black Krishna and Professor Timothy Ball Explain

March 23, 2007

45 mins


PROFESSOR TIM BALL: Climate Changing Your Mind and Global Warming Your Soul

November 5, 2007

120 mins




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