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The 6th Column vs. 48 Hours Until Saturday's Meet-Up vs. 2010 Truthing (TTStify! ;-)



Jesse Ventura Explains 9/11 To Larry King




The 6th Column vs. 48 Hours Until Saturday's Meet-Up vs. 2010 Truthing (TTStify! ;-)


Hello TTS Family & Friends,

While it's cold as all-get-out, we're still contending with the "global warming" greenwashing during the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit December 7 - 18th. Their goal may be to get us to accept a UN world government in control of the worlds energy. Some say this is part of a totalitarian scheme by a handful of murderous oligarchs to create a scientific dictatorship to kill 85% of the worlds population. Some say they've already started and are ramping up efforts with fake "pandemics" to sell deadly "vaccines", etc.

Since this is happening in slow-motion for many of us, we can see it. Since we can see it, we can explain it to others. Since we can explain it, others can understand it and help resist it. Most people need more than just random conversations they forget later to be convinced. That's like always talking about how you "want to be an actor" or whatever and then never getting around to actually doing anything about it. People won't believe we're serious if we don't take what we say seriously. Hypocrisy is annoying.

Conspiracy Theory: It's entirely possible that "conspiracy theorists" were created by the CIA to be a "6th Column" that works for the New World Order. Our job may be to neutralize any serious resistance by them teaching us to accept that just "learning" about the New World Order and not "thinking" of doing anything serious to stop them is a "normal" and acceptable response. Worshipping conspira-priests for what they "know" instead of what they "do", or just copying intellectual masturbation, will finish us off.

Dictionary: fifth column

n. A clandestine subversive organization working within a country to further an invading enemy's military and political aims.

Caveat Emperor: Of course there are lots of good people doing good stuff, but that's often said just to make us feel good, like we're cheering for a sports team. As long as we follow the NWO's global script of vicariously experiencing thrills by just cheering for others, we'll never come close to realizing our own potential when it comes to what we can each do. This is likely by-design. Alex Jones and other Infoworkhorses don't selfishly enjoy praise; they're only logically impressed by people "taking action" as best they can.

When it comes to current (not old) "conspiracy theories" that prove (as best we can) that current government and corporate corruption is harming all of us and threatening the future of the world, just learning about them without any purpose seems irresponsible. Nearly everyone says more people are "waking up", but if less people are "doing stuff", that's the worst possible scenario. Then everyone knows what's up and nobody says or does much. Then it becomes "normal" and we all learn to live with it. That's that.

Nobody can get away with just saying "What can we do?" unless they spend at least 5 whole minutes thinking of possibilities. Most conspiracy theorists don't, won't or can't do this. Instead of just "recycling" facts and anecdotes, if we took "thinking" more seriously, within 2 minutes we'd start to come up with ideas. If we seriously discussed them with others, we'd come up with even more. Since all this seems difficult for a lot of us, it sounds like NWO conditioning is at work. We need to see the obvious and deal with it.

The Planifesto: 2009 Survival Strategy

This document should take about two hours to read and may improve your life or others' in some way

Regardless of what happens, after a year of careful agitation and investigation in conspirienced circles across Canada, I'm going to make sure that more ordinary Canadians know exactly why we're in the trouble we're in. They have to know many veteran conspiracy theorists supposedly "fighting" the New World Order for years often just do it by having random conversations. The problem is they don't work. I know. I'm good at explaining this stuff and have checked back. A week later, most people have forgotten most of it.

The basics of what we have to do have been known for years, or "wake up more people", so we just need to work on more "plans" to do this and execute them. More complex ideas can be developed later. Even moderately successful options can't logically be argued with unless the argument contains a better option. Otherwise lazy people will just tear down all possibilities without replacing them to make themselves feel good about doing nothing. Some people are smart enough to pull this scam off. It doesn't mean they should

Finally, the biggest problem with our "truth" seeking "conspiracy culture" is that everyone thinks everyone else is lying, or flakey, or un-(trust)worthy in some way. This paradox will persist in alienating people unless more people actually prove their character by doing stuff. Even then it'll be hard because nobody trusts anybody doing stuff. But hey, whatre you gonna do? With 48 hours left until the TTS street action, 2010 in two weeks and a number of aforementioned "doing stuff" options, we should start working on what we should.





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