Monday, November 30, 2009

"To Privatize or Not To Privatize?" or "A Turd By Any Other Name... Would Smell."


Conspiracy of the century? Hackers 'expose' climate change


"To Privatize or Not To Privatize?" or "A Turd By Any Other Name... Would Smell."

by (the other guy)


fyi, mainstream must-be = either-or's will getcha every time. it's cool, you'll just have trouble understanding anything else if you're not open to it. then you'll just end up trying to force someone to take a stupid point of view that they don't want to and pull your hair out when the argument doesn't go the way it's "supposed to" using those rules. reg'lar folk do it a lot and also get confused.

conspirienced folk should automatically be open to new info.

that dialectic trap-crap is how they trap us in useless conversations that demonize people who fall into either column a or b, or the opposite of the one we choose. i'm not "pro" or "anti" privatization, because choosing either mainline position just means choosing whether you prefer the nwo uses the government or corporations to steal all our stuff. both choices are part of the same "system".

you can still have the conversation; just know it's nonsense.

new ideas are great. but, they should be new ideas. the move towards privatization is to make sure people have absolutely no democratic connections to people who control their policies and resources, which is worse than our current un-responsive and un-accountable elected officials. but, once "privatization" finishes, all the "public-private partnerships" will once again be "public".

by then the neo-communist hi-tech takeover will be complete.

we're just in the latter stages of yet another socially engineered complain-fest. once they're finished bribing corporations with giveaways and using them to help finish the police state, they'll get the people fed-up with it and demanding the government take it all back from the corporations to give it to the people. then they'll fire or jail all the corporate execs and kill free enterprise forever.

then people shut-out will be grateful begging for government scraps


of course, since we kNWO all this, it doesn't have to happen.

then again, maybe just knowing it isn't enough to stop it.

or maybe it is, we may have to find out soon enough.

especially when a--holes like this are in charge...

World leaders should prioritise global warming issues: The Dalai Lama

Sydney: With his Himalayan homeland under threat due to climate change, Tibetan spiritual leader, The Dalai Lama, today said world leaders should make tackling global warming their number one priority and be ready for "some sacrifice of national interest".

The activists' circus comes to Copenhagen

Peaceful protest and theatrical stunts are welcome, say police. But 500 activists in panda masks would stop the party

India's shift to cut back emissions raises hope for climate agreement

Word that India will soon roll out emission reduction targets signals an emerging consensus toward a climate-change agreement next month at Copenhagen, despite the Canadian government's much-noticed ambivalence.

China, U.S. Give Copenhagen Negotiators Some Targets

For China, an abrupt turnaround

According to China's state-run news agency Xinhua, the new intensity target will be a "voluntary action" taken by the government. Deborah Seligsohn, a Beijing-based energy consultant for the World Resources Institute think tank noted that the decision was made by the state council, which is considered binding on the domestic government -- somewhat akin to a Supreme Court decision in the United States.


ta-daa!!! :-P

that's right, after saying for years no binding agreement on cutting "carbon dioxide" emissions would be worth anything because major polluters like india and china would never agree to cut-back on their industrial growth, the people who control their economies suddenly orchestrated a turn-around to usher in the world government taxation system. problem. reaction. pollution. yezzurrr.


BONUS: The People v. Conspiracy Theorists


heya [redacted],

no worries man, i completely understand your frustration, but i'm glad you're still able to think. i've written dozens of similar plans full of ideas. it seems logical to be able to think of something to do about something we always talk about. however, i didn't just do what i did in vain. i built a year-long case against conspiracy theorists strong enough to destroy the whole movement.

dozens of time and date-stamped emails, other correspondence locally and nationally, a functional organization with many opportunities for involvement, meetings with other conspirienced minds with the possibility of thinking of stuff, calls for a consistent national response to "manbirdpig flu", etc. the bottom line is most of the movement is all elitist talk and no populist action.

so, on the eve of world government, as a whistleblower, i'm going to expose the conspiracy theorist movement. i told the leaders of canadian truth groups a year ago that i'd do this if we didn't respond. i'm going to explain to canadians exactly what happened, or how the people who knew this would happen silently wrung their hands in frustration wondering why people aren't waking up.

in 1776, if 10% of the u.s. public knew "the british are coming!" and didn't warn the rest, then when men, women and children were dragged out of their homes, beaten, raped and burned at the stake, then someone would owe them an apology. that would be the people who didn't speak up. before we're taken off to FEMA camps, i'm going to explain who knows it's going to happen, and...

who knows?

perhaps we'll see the situation more clearly. right now, most people want to do the bare-minimum to "feel good" about having done something. "they" plan in generations. "we" don't even plan for this saturday. we'll probably make excuses for inaction until we're no longer comfortable. at that point, we'll be so used to thinking of excuses instead of actions that we'll go meekly into the camps.

when people say "we should do something!" and don't get much of a response, they stop. we all stop. it happens over and over again. we're either choosing to be un-productive while our lives are at stake; or we've been brainwashed into uselessness. either way, the cowardice and moral bankruptcy of "conspira-sheeple" is a threat to this country, so like the NWO, it must be exposed.