Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Change Worth Discussing: Do The Sleeve Sneeze Too?


Q: "Because you misinterpreted the sleeve sneeze media message, I didn't read the rest of your press release."

A: "Hi [redacted],

No worries, stuff happens. I don't think that approach to this makes sense, but it's cool, I'll keep it moving and probably get your attention with something else. Then you can evaluate it.

On "misinterpreting" the media message: gladly. I'm afraid it's happened for years, or I point out how they corporate state or media is lying or being really stupid. Most people who hear it agree.

I know there's a whole "what we're supposed to say and do" thing-y, but I know that if you get married and "do what you're supposed to do", then half the time you'll get divorced. There are more examples.

IMHO: We can think better than how we're given to think. We all know that governments and corporations often act stupid and corrupt. We should be able to see some of it before somebody has to tell us what it is.

There's lots of stuff that makes sense if you don't think about it. But, if you do think about it, then it makes no sense at all. I'm looking forward to helping facilitate and increase more of that thought-process in Toronto".




"What the heck makes someone actively try not to read their friends 500 word press release? Ugh."




"So what's all the doubt about?
Because he ain't sellin' out?

Because he ain't givin' up?
Because he don't give a fuck?

Because he ain't changin' up?
I guess he ain't lame enough,

Just know I'm sane enough,
(To) let you play with my sanity,

Gives a fuck what you think of me,
Unless you feedin' my family..."

- Young Sneezy, "My Ambitions As A Hustler"



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