Monday, October 05, 2009

CKLN Radio is Back!




Hey TTS,

Just an FYI, the NWO (imho) influence over CKLN radio (88.1 FM) seems to have been vanquished by the good people now running the place. Many CKLN veterans are applying to get their shows back. I said: "Hey -- can I have my time slot -- or preferably a better one?" They said they were having trouble filling the ridiculously early 6 - 7 am slot all week. So, except for Fridays, I have it. This includes my old "Tuesday's Rude Awakening" time. In fact, to kick-off their new broadcast schedule, I was on the air this morning. I'll have a jump on the rest of the day's media once I upload them for podcast or download by 8 am.

While rusty, I managed to shout-out and our various efforts,, the whole CBC "The National" lost episode, Kevin "Generation RX" Miller, and more. Since we think people should hear from qualified experts the mass media ignores, I played clips from The Alex Jones Show of Dr. Russel Blaylock and Dr. Mayer Eisenstein on the dangers of vaccines, plus Dr. Marc Siegel on the dangers of national socialist healthcare. I questioned the breast cancer run for big pharmacide profits, offered solutions, and of course, Bob Marley. While I'm not sure if I'm awake yet, it's good 2 be back... :-)




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If you only listen to one thing this week...

Well, that's silly.

Just download and listen to this soon, okay? :-)



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