Wednesday, October 07, 2009

3 Days 2 Reach 200,000 People?




Hey TTS'rs,

Just a reminder that we've had a lot of good ideas put forward, so we can try a few on Saturday. If you can't make it, you can still make something that someone else can bring if you coordinate. The great poster-boards on 9/11 Truth have worked in the past, so we can have one on that, or ManBirdPig Flu, or Global Boring, or whatever. With a few pictures and articles we can tell the whole story in just a few panels. You can post more, but we also have a variety of flyer templates on our Meet-Up Files page at:

We probably have 100,000 people pass by our Dundas Square table on a Saturday, so the laminated 8.5" x 11" signs with big and bold text that Mark designed saying 'GOOGLE VACCINE DANGERS' and ' &' work great to reach people far away and in cars, they look great in his car window too. All we have to do is figure out how to make it easy for people to pass on the information they like to at least one person. Once we do, we can offer solutions that work nationally.

There are a million-bajillion topics to tackle since the "Flu World Order" (Wayne Prante) controls the "system" worldwide. Torontonian Truthers can certainly reverse-engineer their friends problems into anti-NWO flyers that can help solve them, which will also bring people together. Info that people want to pass on now is key. By keeping an eye on what people want to talk about weekly, we can react with analysis in time for Saturday. Please share any ideas or thoughts to make the best use of our time and effort.




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If you only listen to one thing this week...

Well, that's silly.

Just download and listen to this soon, okay? :-)


TO DO or NOT TO DO: Is That Really A Question?

Buddy: you're definitely establishing yourself....

Me: naaah, well, sort-of i guess, but not as i see it.

lots of people are doing their own thing, mine's different too.

i'm just a philosopher thinking of how to beat the new world order. i analyze the situation, come up with ideas, execute a few, prove they work, share that fact, and keep moving. people can say whatever, but i don't see this as about me at all.

if you find good ideas that can help you save you and what you care about, then you should use them irrespective of who said them because you care. if we all thought of ideas and worked to figure out and use the best ones, we'd win in about 6 months.

people just don't think about winning at all, but they can.

once we try to think of stuff that everyone can do, we'll win easily.

nobody can short me on what i'm up to, but that's separate from the issue of what people should do when confronted with ways to stop their own enslavement instead of rationalize its inevitability.

we'll get taught to lay down a lot and it'll be hard to fight, but we should.

no worries, i hope people will get it when they feel they have to... :-)




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