Friday, September 18, 2009

SHUR-STIK POSTERING TUBS NEEDED: National Call For Stockpiles Now!!!


FYI, these are emails being sent nationally to the leaders of 9/11 Truth and related groups across Canada and others. I've been doing this for months after an initial e-blast was sent by someone else. It's not necessary to see the details, but as long as we know there are plans to keep us from getting shot that we can all use we're in good shape.

If we ignore them and get shot, at least we'll know we could have avoided it by taking a few simple steps. After some people fall sick immediately while others get cancer later and so on, at least we'll know what those steps were to try them again if we're still able to. We won't lose the war, but it'll be easier to win if we win a few battles first.



SHUR-STIK POSTERING TUBS NEEDED: National Call For Stockpiles Now!!!



Enterprising TTS member Nada has posted 87 great pix of our last street action.

People are not "sheeple". They just need the opportunity to learn.


Apparently a million people marched on Washington D.C. recently.

Factoring in a 10 - 1 population size relative to Canada.

We should have 100,000 march on Ottawa soon.


A million march to US Capitol to protest against 'Obama the socialist'

UK Daily Mail
By David Gardner
14th September 2009

As many as one million people flooded into Washington for a massive rally organised by conservatives claiming that President Obama is driving America towards socialism.

The size of the crowd - by far the biggest protest since the president took office in January - shocked the White House.


Hey TTS, CTC & Affiliates,

I just checked with my local hardware store. They said they'd ordered Shur-Stik tubs twice and their distributor still had none in stock. I even asked twice to confirm it. Queen Street is a very popular poster spot. They sell a lot of the $2.99 tubs of adhesive powder mixed with water that can stick up hundreds of posters and know exactly what I'm talking about. This is just like the bullet manufacturers being bought up by The Carlyle Group so they could stop supplying them (Source: Officer Jack McLamb).

Powder Cellulose Adhesive - SHUR-STIK - 1341020

Too conspiratorial?




Can we do national or regional bulk-buys and save money?

Can we make sure we have stock for later?

Can "we" react to this stuff?

Can we prove it?

Shur-Stik is the best cheap stuff we can use to put up posters. That's why other pro-posterers use it. It's better than the clear tape Darcy and I used last night to poster Union Station and the financial district. Hopefully people with money who don't get shot will give us some to make sure more people don't get shot. We also worked the end of the U2 concert and gave out hundreds of tiny flyers. Alone you look crazy. With someone you don't look too crazy to make a friend. This idea can work everywhere.

Incidentally, Darcy's suggesting we do a lot of this stuff, not me.

I just talk so much conspira-shit that I can't say no.

It just makes too much sense not to do.

So: what are you gonna do?

Don't mind me. Please. I'm easy. There is absolutely nothing that I can possibly say or do that can keep you from saving your families, friends, neighbours, city and country from being shot. There is absolutely nothing that I can possibly say or do that can keep you from putting up posters, handing out flyers, emailing people, making videos and doing anything else that you think might help. Therefore: I have absolutely no issues with asking the people that know we have to do something... to do something.

Sheeple who DO NOT KNOW they're being readied for slaughter can be forgiven for their sheepishness. Conspira-sheeple who DO KNOW they're being readied for slaughter cannot be forgiven for their sheepishness. Nor for staying quiet and letting others blindly roll up their sleeves. You can add an "IMHO" before every idea or "smiley face" after, but it won't change anything. We're not dodging Blackwater troops and bombs in IraqAfghaniPakistan. We're in Canada where we can safely and easily express ourselves.

Canadians are so polite that nobody will get mad at you. Even the people who want to won't to get mad at you. They don't want to make a scene because that wouldn't be polite. I'm a counter-PSYOP barometer of these things. Many people theorize. I do stuff and collect data. That's why my theories are a bit more optimistic. Many conspiracy theorists are planning for a future hiding in the woods, growing their own food and polishing their guns. Why not make "plans" for "today" instead of fake apocalyptic fantasies?

Vaccines are an issue we can EASILY beat the New World Order on. Last year, about this time, I was working on Dr. Andrew Moulden's MP campaign in North Bay. He's an expert on vaccine risks. We had the opportunity to ask random Canadians what they thought of vaccines on a regular basis. Most were suspicious. Especially of the "flu" shot. The issue is right there for the taking. If we move on this we can beat the New World Order. If not we get shot. If "we" let others get shot, I will let them know.

Random conversations don't work for much but one's ego. I've checked: a week later most people have forgotten the details. So: don't think you "woke someone up" just because you won an argument unless you check later. This has to be about more than meekly surviving being a conspiracy theorist. At some point, like now, we have to show the practical value of learning stuff, including our ability to be more confident and capable than most because we avoided some brainwashing and got some focus.

It's not hard, it just needs doing.

It's time to make some noise.

It's just one of those times.



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