Friday, September 25, 2009

THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER: Cleaning Up Communist Canada


Heya CTC, TTS, Members & Affiliates,

The cover of today's Toronto Star revealed that we're all supposed to get shot in the next three months. They play with the language, but as you can see below, once you factor in everyone they're talking about, you'll see they're talking about everyone.

Since the big national socialist (or communist or fascist) takeover is happening right now, we have tons of evidence of it to show others. Since we have an effective Canadian Truth Coalition (CTC) to work with if we want, we should try on a daily basis to do so.

Putting out shared information on a consistent coordinated basis with fellow Canadians across the country will give us the credibility to convince others. Beyond leaders, all truthers are invited to join independently to make sure their region reacts.

Wednesday, September 30th, from 9 - 11 pm, we at will convene the first of a weekly series of national phone conference calls to discuss how to stop mandatory (or any) swine flu (or any) vaccinations. Details to follow shortly.

Instead of figuring out how they're trying to kill us, we'll figure out how to stop them. Great work is being done independently by many people, so we can share strategies, results and counter-propaganda to be duplicated by everybody across the country.

Toronto Truth Seekers will lead the call, but details will be decided in advance each week. Anybody can get 2 - 5 minutes to explain new ideas, people can queue up live and request to speak, special guests can join, the call mp3 will be posted, etc.

Documenting how the truth is hidden in plain sight all around us with cellphone (and other) cameras, dissecting copies of crapaganda, and showing people how to decode the changes on behalf of others should be the goal for local empowerment.

October is good because it's the last month before the Canadian cold starts to hit. While some people may be shy or hopeless or whatever, if they don't put up posters, hand out flyers, do street actions and more before, they can't say anything after they're shot.

Canadians are already suspicious of the "flu shot". The proof is most don't take them. All we have to do is remind people they were suspicious before the mass media made them forget. We're not changing people's minds. We're just saving them.

Finally, I finally got a phone.

You can call me at 647-865-9292 mostly in the evenings.

Leave a message if you want or you can send me a text messages as well.

Just remember "O.G.PUNKYAYA", it's the best numero-anagram I've come up with so far... ;-)


P.S. FYI, here's the Starticle, we will not let this sh-t happen in our city...

Vaccine rollout

OCTOBER: Seasonal flu vaccine

To people 65 and over and residents of long-term care facilities.

NOVEMBER: H1N1 vaccine

To people under 65 with chronic medical conditions; pregnant women; children under 5; health-care workers; caregivers of people at risk. Then adults 65 and over; children 5 to 18; swine and poultry workers; adults 19 to 64.


Seasonal flu vaccine

For everyone 6 months and older




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