Monday, September 14, 2009

DON'T GET SHOT: The TTS Campaign To Save School Children


Heya TTS Family & Affiliates,

I just wanted to welcome our newest members, [redacted] and [redacted], and invite everyone to welcome them and everyone else into our dedicated group of Toronto Truth Seekers. Keep spreading the word and we'll keep growing. Google is also finally listing our website in searches of "Toronto Truth Seekers" after a few weeks of not.

Ideally, we'll continue to keep communicating until we all realize where we all live. Don't get (too?) paranoid. Instead of people traveling from afar for the only event that's going on, people can independently work together in groups in different parts of the city. You don't have to give your address, but a major intersection or town would help.

That way, with over 215 TTS members, it wouldn't be hard for a half-dozen to set up info-booths in their own areas to wake up their neighbours at malls, flea markets, festivals, concerts, schools, sporting events, and so on. Different groups can take different approaches with different subjects. Different local leaders can emerge on a regular basis.

FYI, none of this has to happen soon, or at all, or ever, but it would be good if it did.

IMHO, the key to saving the world is de-centralized power and honest money.

Applying these principles when evaluating plans and ideas should work.

To each their own, but the more the merrier, so as we will... :-)




Heya TTS Members & Affiliates,

Mark just dropped by and we discussed plans going forward. We and many others wanted a successful weekly street action. It looks like we have one. Hopefully we keep it up. This listserve should be flooded with new ideas that people who spend hours researching should come up with. Or preferably plans that can be executed. Once this happens, then handfuls of the 200+ people on this listserve and others can choose which plans they want to participate in and where based on location and scheduling.

One idea is making sure that schoolchildren, among the most vulnerable members of our society, have the opportunity to avoid being shot full of dangerous chemicals. We can go as individuals or in groups to local schools in our areas and hand-out vaccine exemption forms, or little flyers with info, which we can also leave at neighbourhood stores the kids frequent. The reason to do it together at once is that's how (counter-)propaganda works: if everyone hears about something at the same time they all want to discuss it.

We're late for the start of school. But that's okay. The real fun with mandatory swine flugenics shots should start in October. So we have time. Take a look at the Ontario Government's "Publicly Funded Routine Immunization Schedule for Children Beginning Immunization in Early Infancy" (updated Jan '09) and you'll see babies are shot 16 times before they're 18 months old. And kids a few times a year after that. And we complain the "kids today" are screwed up. (sigh) Anyway, here's the page and .pdf links:

We should step-up our efforts because the New World Order wants to shoot everyone in the world. At least according to their World Health Organization (WHO) who said 5 billion swine flu vaccines were "possible" in May (AP). By now it's more than that. The vaccine issue is where they do the most damage and where they are the most vulnerable. Working with Dr. Andrew Moulden on his MP campaign last year, we had the opportunity to discover how many Canadians were suspicious of the shot. A lot.

Please consider considering this idea and respond if you like it. Ideally, we'd have people publicly volunteer to handle different schools and neighbourhoods in their areas and have other TTS members (etc.) joining them. You can also do this anonymously. I'm tossing small bunches of the tiny anti-vaccine flyers in rubber bands into mailboxes of business and daring them not leave a few around to help their customers avoid getting shot. People can do what they want. But they have to know what they can do.

Finally, and logically, our goal should be to be above reproach in our actions. That way there's no reason to complain about or stop us. If we're polite and respectful then nobody will bother us. Or they'll look silly to others if they do. Trying to save children is, logically, a better idea than trying to tell stories about crazy old rich people. Truthers have talked for years about taking "9/11 Truth" and the rest "mainstream". The way to do it is to help the "mainstream" public deal with their problems, including shots.

Here's the link for the "10 Small Anti-Vaccine Flyers Per Page" and other flyers:

You can print them for 3-cents a page at a mom'n'pop shoppe.

You can cut them for $1 per cut at Kinko's if mom'n'pop can't do it.

You can make 10,000 anti-vaccine flyers for less than $40 Canadian.

You can pass this idea on to everyone so everyone can avoid getting shot.

You can come up with more ideas that will work so we can get this done soon.

Good luck... and flyer away! :-)




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