Wednesday, September 09, 2009

DON'T GET SHOT: Posters + Flyers = Freedom! :-)


FYI, this was just sent across Canada, to download flyers and posters please visit:

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Heya CTC,

Attached are a few posters and flyers we can distribute to beat the New World Order. A crazy idea, but what the hell. Please try to make sure these and other forms of counter-propaganda get to the farthest reaches of Canada, including small towns. That way isolated people everywhere have a chance to fight this locally.

With access to thousands of years of cross-referenced history, it shouldn't be hard to beat their old recycled scams. There are people inside the system, even spooks, who will want to help the system commit suicide, so that's good news. As long as we do stuff they'll be able to react to it. If not, it'll be harder.

If we want the EMS workers and others first on the list to risk losing their jobs by refusing their swine flu shots, then they need our support. If we don't support them, then they'll probably shoot us right after they get shot. Most people are suspicious of most vaccines anyway. They just need the details.

People can approach their local businesses and ask them to leave a stack of the smallest 1" x 3" single-issue anti-vaccine flyers by the counter, just so people know they have the option of legal exemption forms. If it goes well then you can do it again. If not you can do something else.

People can also leave them in restrooms, on subways, parked cars, etc. If you approach businesses, go in groups of two only, meet them near a place they can put flyer away, briefly say you're part of a group doing a local outreach with info for the owners and staff only, give it and leave.

People can also fold them in half and give them to family, friends and strangers in lieu of having a potentially un-pleasant conversation. Just encourage them look at it later. Or say it's a good idea to know there are legal exemption forms and ask them to make up their own minds.

People can also be creative and get their self-worth validated by making flyers that others appreciate. If no one appreciates your flyer, then make a better one and people will. The easiest way for us to discuss the "truth" here in Communist Canada is in flyer-form.

Public Domain Downloads:



P.S. A couple of minor notes:

1. is subtly kicking off an "8th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks week!" to coincide with Charlie Sheen challenging Obama, see below. We're still figuring out what the truthers here in Toronto want to do, but we might gather at our city's official speaker's corner at 7 pm, say a few things on video, including me giving my plans and goals to become mayor, then all of us head into our bar-district wearing our "9/11 Was An Inside Job" shirts on the evening-of to celebrate our efforts over dinner and drinks. Everyone should share their plans for the 9/11 anniversary to encourage truthers across Canada to participate in their areas.

"We would like to thank Charlie Sheen for his courageous stance for 9/11 truth in the face of what promises to be an establishment backlash and encourage everyone to get behind him in bringing these issues to the forefront of national consciousness in this anniversary week." (, 9/Sep/09)

2. Fabian socialists are the NWO slow-cookers of us boiling frogs. Other NWO revolutionaries, like the neo-cons, blow stuff up to make changes quickly. Fabian socialists subtly introduce ideas that change our patterns of behaviour over time to coincide with long-term NWO goals. While it's hard to say for sure, if they've infiltrated the Canadian truth movement, they may be behind suppressing our response to mandatory vaccines, maintaining consistently effective but deliberately limited truther approaches that don't evolve, making plans preach to the choir instead of reaching out to others, etc. No worries, check 'em out as you'd like.

"Since Labour came to office in 1997, the Fabian Society has been a forum for New Labour ideas and for critical approaches from across the party. The most significant Fabian contribution to Labour's policy agenda in government was Ed Balls' 1992 pamphlet, advocating Bank of England independence. Balls had been a Financial Times journalist when he wrote this Fabian pamphlet, before going to work for Gordon Brown." (Wikipedia, 9/Sep/09)



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