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VACCINES: WE'RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT! Sat, Aug 29th, 1 - 9 pm, Dundas Square


Congressman Paul on the Recent Swine Flu Scare


Hey TTS Members,

We continue the lead-up to 9/11/09 with street actions at Dundas Square from 1 - 9 pm, please come polite whenever you'd like. We're also proud to be participating in a historic national initiative started by Mr. Wayne Prante to stop mandatory swine flu vaccine policies in Canada expected in the next few weeks to comply with World Health Organization (WHO) directives. Wayne's work on this can be found at:


UPDATED Aug. 25th, 2009

The Vaccine Resistance Movement in Canada will hold a Nationwide Informational Demonstration and Political Protest, Friday August 28th, 29th and 30th, 2009. We want to ensure that our right as free human beings, to decide for ourselves whether or not to be vaccinated will not be violated, under ANY circumstances, and without fear of any consequences. Everyone who shares our concerns about H1N1,vaccine dangers, as well as the threat to natural health solutions under Bill C-6, needs to get involved, inform others, and to help protest the mass vaccination agenda (which may become mandatory).

This weekend, if the spirit is willing, people across Canada are taking the time to educate their fellow Canadians on this issue, including explaining why Canadians would have an issue with this issue at all, which is a reasonable issue to discuss. This is also a perfect time for everyone to make sure Canadian parents can review their options before the school year starts, including downloading exemption forms at:

For those who don't know about the dangers of vaccines, see the dozens of whistle-blowing doctors whose professional analysis, scientifically quantifiable evidence and published papers are ignored by the establishment medical industry, governments and the media; hear the stories of parents who knew every inch of their child and saw the same damage take place after vaccines at 18 months -- among many others; hear the stories of soldiers who suffered micro-vascular strokes and "Gulf War Syndrome" that could only be caused by mysterious vaccines -- because even soldiers who didn't go overseas got it -- while soldiers from countries that didn't order them to take vaccines didn't; and on and on and on...

The bottom line is vaccines shouldn't be mandatory anyway.

If you want to take a "swine flu" vaccine then go ahead.

You shouldn't care if I get the "swine flu" and lick you.

After all, the vaccine is supposed to protect you from "swine flu" isn't it?

There it is.

Feel free to share the hell out of that simple vaccine logic, it works well.

If people try to wriggle out of it, they'll just admit that vaccines don't work.


People that want to can still take the shot.


They should accept that if vaccines "work" and are worth the risk...

...then those of us who don't want to shouldn't have to take them.

See you on Saturday to say...

... "We're not going to take it!" :-)



P.S. Here's a ton of new good vaccine information links...

The Infowars Flu Pandemic Resource

P.P.S. We can obviously discuss other issues too and will have a variety of DVD's courtesy of Mark, plus other collateral available for people to appreciate. If people want our anti-NWO take on their questions we're there to offer it, that way they'll be able to relate to it on their own terms. But vaccines are really, really evil, and making them mandatory would be really, really bad, so we may as well stop that.


Learn more here:



Blogger ChangeOttawa said...

Hello lovers of Truth and Freedom,

Time to distribute 1000 of these bad-boys (that's my share :-).

Rideau Centre UnderPass, 3 to 6, today.

Rush hour traffic truth-action to mid-level bureaucrats, military, police, health professionals, and more.

U ready to get busy?

Would you doubt Dr. Mayer Eisentein ?




God bless this webmaster:

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