Monday, August 10, 2009

STREET ACTION: Saturday, Aug 15th, 1 - 9 pm, Dundas Square

Announcing a new Meetup for Toronto Truth Seekers (Formerly Toronto911Truth)!

What: STREET ACTION: Saturday, Aug 15th, 1 - 9 pm, Dundas Square

When: August 15, 2009 1:00 PM

Dundas Square
Yonge & Dundas
Toronto, ON

Hi TTS Members,

This is a reminder of our weekly street action taking place on Saturdays at Dundas Square for the next 5 weeks leading up to the 8th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. We're usually on the south-west corner along with other groups and performers, so we fit right in. Other groups hand stuff out too, so it's 'normal' and the public is comfortable with being approached there.

According to the TTS members who attend, most of the public looking at us feel like we know what we're talking about, they're just not sure if they want to talk to us yet. As long as we continue to be polite, professional, nice, dress respectably in truther and/or other gear out of respect for our audience, then we should make a bigger and bigger impact with more people joining us each week.

We're actively recruiting any Canadians and others who want to help stop mandatory vaccines, plus work on many other issues to change what's supposed to happen instead of just know it. Showing the city that our Toronto Truth Seekers (TTS) group is an active option for people to work with, or a good source of good advice to help people learn how to affect change in their circles, will help determine our city's fate.

Please RSVP with a yes, no or maybe for the 1 - 5 pm or 5 - 9 pm shift. Bring flyers, DVD's and anything else you want to hand out. Make sure signs look good, even if you make them by hand. Be prepared to work with others to watch the table and our stuff. Make sure customers are respectfully dealt with, helping each other take breaks and keep the mood fun, and so on. It can be a great time if great people make it so.

We hope to see you there.



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