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Oh Planada... Saturday Street Action Reminder + Flyerology 101: Let's Print It

Toronto Truth: BK on STOP the VACCINES & S.P.P. 2009


Hello Conspirienced Canadians! :-)

It feels good to be the only people in the country who kNWO what's going on and who can figure out what to do about it, which is the only thing that makes sense. At this crucial time in history, the happy people of Canada are counting on the people who kNWO to tell them how they can stop worrying about the future. We have a great country to save with lots of people who want to save it, they just need to know how. Our brothers and sisters in the States offer inspiration and practical applications, even proving we can trust politicians by pushing for 290 Congressional co-sponsors of a bill to audit the private U.S. Federal Reserve banking system. Canadians pushed MP Libby Davies to read a petition calling for a new 9/11 investigation in Parliament. If more politicians see more people behind them, they'll take chances to save their own necks and everyone else's.

This is also a reminder of the only weekly truther street action in Canada at Dundas Square in Toronto from 1 - 9 pm. While the Canadian weather is good we should make this a national event in different cities leading up to the 8th anniversary of 9/11 attacks, plus build on the success to continue after. Nothing should be conditional on any one individual, group or action, but if we work to manifest an awakened and recruited public who can think of new ideas from new perspectives, then we have a chance to win. Instead of writing another plan, I'm recording videos so more people can see it. With the NWO publicly moving on mandatory vaccines, new wars, socialized control-freak everything and more, we have a great chance to reach curious and concerned people. We can politely ignore others, but we should be there for the people who need us.

Finally, on Flyerology, or the science of making flyers, it's really simple. Many conspirienced folk say "nobody wants to listen", but if you make a flyer and carefully choose the most important points and the finest sentences you can think of on a given subject, then you sound better, make it easier for others to understand, and discipline yourself to get better at explaining it, including having your perfected thoughts to share later from the process of making the flyer itself. Carol Brouillet, veteran 9/11 truth activist behind the "Deception Dollars", told me the first thing the Communist Russians did was ban photocopy paper to stop people from sharing anti-government sentiment. With the recent police crackdown on the "Obama Joker" postering in Florida, we might see similar measures implemented globally based on environmental, hate speech and other crazy laws.

Florida Authorities In Hysterical Crusade Against First Amendment

Florida Police Interrogate Suspect in Obama-Joker Poster Crime

Toronto in 2009 - What You Need To Know

They're cheap at just 3-cents per side of an 8.5" x 11" page. You can make 1 - 8 flyers per page short enough for people to want to quickly read. DVD's are great too, but if someone doesn't feel like watching them they're wasted. Many people walk up to our Dundas Square table, grab a flyer, step back and quietly read it right away to get a sense of where we're coming from. If we make sense: they like us. While our own propaganda can appeal to and justify our own laziness, we can beat it, so there are no excuses for not translating our knowledge into something that others can understand. Many listserves and message boards focus on the informed informing the informed, but with a flyer offline, we can inform the uninformed and the uniformed, which should be the goal. Nobody needs to know everything; they just need to know something to make a flyer.

Psychologically, we're always in the mood to share what we've learned and get our individual worth validated by others. The NWO engineers intellectual, emotional and social constipation to keep us from doing so. To get "in the mood" to make a flyer, just play some music by an artist you respect (e.g. Bob Marley) and commit to spending the next 60 minutes (e.g.) focused on being your best. Have the confidence that your best can be good. Then open up Microsoft PowerPoint, use the "text box" function to make places to put your text, then "insert picture" to insert pictures. Re-size, re-font, copy, paste, and so on. You can get pictures easily online by typing in "vaccine" (e.g.) into Google and clicking "images", then choosing the best ones for your flyer. You can also fact-check the information online, source good quotes, etc. The tools are all there.

Sociologically, your fellow neighbours will feel more comfortable trusting "you" to get something done in their neighbourhood than the voice of a third-party, so it's important to put "your words" out there on a flyer as a representative of these ideas who they can relate to. For better or worse, the loosely affiliated "conspiracy theorist" movement has defined the response to the NWO global de-population plans, so it can either step-up and do something about it or be destroyed forever so that ordinary people who didn't "wake up" in dangerously useless ways can take a fresh crack at it. When it comes to FEMA "red/blue" lists and so on, it's a lot safer if the people in your community know who you are and what you stand for, that way if you're taken away you cause problems as a local mini-martyr. Making flyers works on all levels for both us and others as well.

Good luck and flyer away! :-)




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