Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"i'm afraid -- like most of the world -- you've been misinformed about vaccines."


Dr. Russell Blaylock on Alex Jones Tv 1/3:

Harmful Side-Effects of The Swine Flu Vaccine!

Alex welcomes back to the show Dr. Russell Blaylock, nationally recognized board-certified neurosurgeon, author and lecturer. Blaylock argues that aspartame, MSG, and other excitotoxins promote the growth of cancer.


hey [redacted],

welcome and no worries, there's no protocol for polite individuals to mess with.

however, i'm afraid -- like most of the world -- you've been misinformed about vaccines.

it sucks, but like everything else, getting informed makes it suck less.

don't worry, you're just getting into this and it'll happen a lot, but it's not a bad thing.

once you get used to it you'll help make it easier for others to understand updated ideas as well.

you'll also see the difference between the people who make millions by saying evil stuff and others who disagree.

fyi, there's always a "reason" for doing anything, like 9/11 + the war on terror's "we have to kill all the brown people before they kill us" reason -- even though most brown parents there want to send their kids to university here -- so they clearly don't "hate" our freedoms. you can see a reason alone isn't enough, and we're given explanations, but there are better ones.

on vaccines, i can go on about this for days and beat the usual stuff i always hear easily.

but, i'm not going to do that, and this is non-confrontational, i'm sure you know stuff i don't too.

in fact, that's the last line i used with the black guy too, he really liked it, so please use it with others.

note: the fact it's a "line" doesn't mean it's not the "truth" or that it's manipulation, it's just communication.

there's a bajillion website and videos like,,,, and more full of doctors whistleblowing and parents crying about vaccine injuries. even people who use (marco) "polio!" as their reason for believing can't explain even 2 minutes of "how" it actually "worked", so it's just propaganda.

just saying "it cured lots of diseases" without knowing how is reflective of propaganda.

there's tons and tons of propaganda that's gotten people to do crazy stuff for years.

don't worry, again, we're all in the same system helping each other figure it out.

check for parents working to fix vaccine damage too.


you can skip all this for now, our friends dan and bryan made a wicked video,

Swine Flu Vaccines - Order Out Of Chaos

10 mins

once you see how vaccine information has been manipulated over the years, including the various fear-campaigns, hidden risks, injuries and fatalities, and the history of the people behind them, in 10 minutes or so you'll have an open mind to learning more. it's a good thing too, we need as many people as possible to stop the swine flu vaccines in the next month or so.

i hope this helps, sorry if it's a bit much, but i'm trying to take compassionate curiousity seriously,


p.s. [redacted], nice analysis, i'd add a few links and sourcing too, imho - then the package is complete.



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