Thursday, August 20, 2009

Flyerology 102: Flyers vs. Food Stamps and FEMA Camps, Part Do

Hello Lovers of Truth, Justice and the Canadian Way,

Sorry, I know I'm a truther, but I lied.

It takes more than 60 minutes to make a good flyer.

It might even take 6 hours to perfect it to your standards.

It might still be worth it if it gets hours and hours of love later.

A Canadian National Treasure and Gift to the World, Mr. Alan Watt, whom I had the privilege of interviewing in 2007, once told me that we have to print up a lot of information to beat the New World Order. Now, two years later, in an age of rapid changes and rapidly reducing attention spans, it appears that might be the case more than ever..

A Canadian National Success would resonate worldwide thanks to our great reputation and close proximity to America, who we also have to save or we'll get sucked under like a canoe next to the Titanic. When big brother is being mean in the global sandbox, little brother may not be able to stop him, but he has to at least try and see what happens.

A Canadian National Response to what's happening is something I've been nationally suggesting for 6 months without much success or any independent action from others. Still, I now have the data I need to be a whistleblower on behalf of the people in my city. We owe them an apology for not doing more for them. But: that can all change fairly quickly.

A Canadian National Program to condense what we know is happening and what we can 'all' do about it on behalf general public would show our goodwill in creative ways while making us better ambassadors for truth. After researching and speaking about this stuff for hours, or years, the people who know it should be able to explain it to other people.

A good truther flyer is just like any other flyer, it's an advertisement for people to buy something that's worthwhile, or at least to check it out in more detail to see for themselves if it is. That means the people who make flyers will try to appeal to the tastes and habits, right or wrong, of their chosen audience, in order to communicate directly with them.

A good truther would know not to speak too often in conspira-shorthand, or to use phrases like "NAU" without explaining what the SPP.Gov / North American Union is. The time spent on a measured analysis of the culture we're trying to communicate with, plus the time spent on figuring out how to, is easily worth the time of anyone who is trying to.

A good person would know that empathy is their key to happiness, so it's important to keep that in mind when dealing with the public. Formalizing communication takes truthers away from being xenophobically offensive in the same way that all homogenous groups can be, or from making fun of other groups within the population instead of the ones who control us.

A good person would probably think twice about using terms like "sheeple" to describe people suffering from generations of brainwashing being a constant drain on their happiness, at least if they were trying to communicate directly with them by making a flyers. Training ourselves to stop hating the public -- or -- to stop thinking like the New World Order, will be important.

A good idea is one that anyone can come up with, and it could even be a better way of saying something already said. Some Greek philosopher in 500 BC'ish supposedly said there are no more original stories, so we'll just do what people have done for 2500 years and improve on telling the stories we know as individuals coming up with more ways to relate to more people.

A good idea is timely and can come to us at any time, so we should keep an eye on the times we live in and keep a notebook or voice recorder handy to capture any flashes of brilliance. Once people in our towns and cities see our ability to consistently make more sense of the world they live in than most other sources, they'll take a natural interest in learning more as a start.

Flyerology works on all levels and is an unassailably good idea. The only problem might be that I'm suggesting it. So forget that. I can see where this is going and I need to have back-up plans and programs just in case the obvious and easy stuff doesn't work. It could be Game NWOver by Christmas in Canada, or at this rate it could drag on for years, or other possibilities could arise.

Flyerology, or the science of making flyers, should not be approached from a pessimistic perspective. The New World Order has made us all feel less capable than we are, so we need to actively resist it before this pattern persists. In the end, you're committing your thoughts to a piece of paper that someone will read, or not, then probably throw away, so there's pressure but it's mitigated.

Well, it appears the bad guys are moving pretty fast.

So, it might be time for hand-to-hand combat.

Good luck and flyer away! :-)




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