Monday, July 20, 2009

StillmatiCanuck (2009)


fyi, sent to truthers across canada.


Heya Truther North Strong and Free!


I hope all are well and enjoying the summer.


If we're all going to die then we should have fun now.


If we're all going to do stuff to not die, then we should have fun now.


Who am I to say this stuff?


Who would I be if I could and chose not to?


Sorry for my e-bsence, I'm currently running for mayor in this city and feeling out what people want to hear as opposed to what I want to tell them. I'm sure we can speak in more helpful ways about normal stuff than people normally hear. We also get more credit for our discipline than we do for our passion. So I'm incorporating that.

(I'll start NLP'ing the conspirienced soon. Just don't say I didn't warn you.)

In our circles, most people are more interested in talking about how they're being punched in the face than in talking about how to stop it. I have no interest in "waking people up" if they're just going to babble conspira-trivia and sleeptalk into fascism. There's something wrong with how we woke up and how we wake people up. We need to fix it.

I have a perfect counter-PSYOP job and I'm noticing -- especially after I dropped thousands of flyers around the city with my face on them -- that the 10% of people who recognize me is climbing steadily. It's at about 15% right now. People can say and think what they want. I'm confident in my loud voice. They'll hear 'me' sooner or later.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Or perhaps 140 characters on "Twitter". Since people want less to read, I'm chopping 8.5" x 11" pages into four flyers. It saves money too. It's getting easier to say less for people who want that anyway. People are respectful when they see "you" and leave the flyers in the windows of news-boxes and so on.

People who don't know what's going on need those of us who do to get better at explaining it. Most conspirienced folk spend years saying "Nobody wants to listen!" If they were singers they'd realize they have to get better to get an audience. We have to treat this the same way. Conspira-sheeple need to grow up and own up to their task fast.

Speaking of which...

Here's my latest musical project: a 28 minute re-working of rapper Nas classic 2001 "Stillmatic" album. I heard Nine Inch Nails "Year Zero" right after it this morning and admit NIN is still better than me. But, this album is good, personal and exactly what both civilians and the conspirienced need to hear at this time. I'll keep making them better and better.



Please check it out and feel free to re-post the files somewhere. I was surprised when I saw no Canadians posted "Obamacide", the last mixtape I did, despite the fact that it can help us beat the New World Order. American sites list it, so please consider doing the same as an option for your audience. It's 24 minutes with a plus-plus that can help us win.



Incidentally, in Google searches of "black krishna obamacide" the above link doesn't pop-up.

Very strange considering it's easily the most popular link and it's the main link the others link to

Anyway, feel free to make vids of songs, use parts or do whatever since they're both public domain.

Regardless of what happens, for now I'm confident in the abilities of the people who learned a bunch of stuff to actually think of doing something productive with it. This may change soon due to our scientific indoctrination. But, as long as we don't allow that to happen by consistently thinking of ways to beat the New World Order, then we'll win this soon.

There's more to come until we're done. With $500 and 20 people I can end mandatory vaccinations in this city. That means you can in yours. There's lots more if we simply apply logic to logistics, or use our brains to use our time and money wisely now. Nobody wants to be lectured or scolded. But if we actually "do" stuff then we'll be praised instead.

Not-so incidentally, we have just 8 weeks until 9/11/09 to plan for it, so let's start the national conversation. Matthew "Canadian Dad" Buechler and his MOO crew did an incredible job of helping us "Take The Hill!" last year, so while we don't have the time to plan for it again, we can still do something good nationally that can reverberate internationally.

Anybody with half a pair and half a brain, or all males between the ages of 25 - 45 who saw what's been happening over the last 5 years are automatically conscripted, or they're on the hook for doing something about it. All others are welcome. We have a great country and we're in the twilight of its existence, so let's see how much we love it by keeping it.

Finally, we're actually in pretty good shape. Thanks to the New World Order we have a technologically rich playground to capture for the benefit of all. If they hadn't given us a happy-fun place to save we might not give a damn. But they did. Canadians and people worldwide should know that regardless of how we got here, we're here now and it's our 'here' to keep.

No worries, just stuff to do, so more to come until we're done... :-)




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If you only listen to one thing this week...

Well, that's silly.

Just download and listen to this soon, okay? :-)



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