Wednesday, March 11, 2009

TODAY: The 5th Anniversary of Spain Launching General Strikes After Their False Flag "3/11" Madrid Bombings!


Ola Grande CoJoneses! ;-)

Happy Annibursary Eberybody! I hope everyone is well and this date should be internationally celebrated by truthers and everyone else as a joyous event, full of hope, promise, empowerment, community and everything a free country could possibly want.

After their "3/11" Madrid Train Bombings in 2004, half the country hit the streets, exposed their "inside job" false flag terrorism attack, stopped their leader from declaring martial law and got their troops out of the War in Iraq. Nice! Now that's how it's done!

We should celebrate key dates in "truther" history besides the 9/11 anniversaries because that's how every culture grows and maintains it's values. This date is among the most important in truther history. Which is why it's buried by our media. And by us.

No worries, this is what's taking so long: figuring out why we don't get this stuff before we wake up more truthers who don't get this stuff. After we accept there's no "right or "wrong" and "everybody has a right to an opinion", bad ones are pushed more.

That's also why the Conversations in February were so important: today's human beings tend to deal with information in similar ways, including neutralizing it's impact by affirming their self-worth instead of just assuming it and creating something new.

There's at least 101 Ways To Beat The New World Order for the individual, many are in the e-blasts, I've rattled off a bunch among truthers (etc.) as well. There are more permutations possible when people are consistently working together on anything.

Over the next 6 months we'll need to make plans in advance and to work together to win, so we need to avoid snitch-traps that cripple our conversations. We should be walking amongst the public like frikkin' Olympians sharing our knowledge and help.

What we have here is... failure to communicate. As long as our self-worth is based on defending what we do or know instead of our ability to learn and use something new, then we won't. We'll mentally collapse, escape into fantasy, or just get bitter.

See: Rorschach in "The Watchmen" according to AJ's review, the only character who's interested in "truth" is also a twisted weirdo. The book's been my favourite fiction, but it's also the NWO plan to stage a false-flag alien attack to bring world peace.

The archetypes we're given are just like all the others: just because all of a character's characteristics don't apply to us, it doesn't mean that some don't, nor does it mean that there isn't lots of truth in there to help sell lots of lies, the best way to do it.

No worries, nearly everything is public so the public knows or will soon. People that terrify them as much or more than the media won't help. People that tell them what to do for themselves in ways that empower and encourage them to help others will win.

Instead of focusing on creative arguments for why we "can't" do something, or the scientifically indoctrinated default, we should always be creative with what we "can" do, just like we can all easily wargame possibilities about sheer nonsense for the fun of it.

So: do you think it's possible to have general strikes in Canada? The first answer is usually repeating the half-dozen reasons we share and know about why it's unlikely. Skip it. If we need to have them, and we may, why not discuss how to make them happen instead?

Yours in truth, justice, and the Spanish-Canadian way,




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