Friday, March 13, 2009

SPOOKY: Happy 2nd Friday The 13th In A Row! ;-)


Felicitations Fearless Frienditos! ;-)

That's right, today is the second Friday the 13th in a row, the last one was last month, and according to a Yahoo News story there's a third in November, something that only happens every 11 years. Very strange...

Anyway, just a bit on "spooks", a subject that nobody likes to talk about.

Fair enough.

Since I've been learning and talking about spooks for years, I'll take the lead.

After all...

Figuring out what they might be up to might help us figure out what they might be up to.

And of course...

Not trying to figure out what they're up to will allow them to get away with whatever they're up to.

It's nothing personal.

They have a job to do and so do we.

May the best-informed win.

Let's do this.


I also have a problem.

Adam Parrot.

He's cc'd on this email.

Perhaps you can help me solve it.

I recently emailed him asking to change the local Toronto 9/11 Truth Meet-Up Group setting from having posts approved by the moderator first to having them go through without any approval right away, like they used to. He rescued the Meet-Up group by paying $75 and allowing us to keep in touch with the 300 or so members, so that's good. But, I pointed out how it's tougher to carry on conversations when we have to wait for approval of our emails, how we can police ourselves if people get out of line, and how in principle the moderated approach to listserves can result in censorship, which I've seen happen before. Since I've seen posts approved I know he's checked his email, but I haven't received any response to my email, which concerns me. Anyone with power should be accountable. Not responding to emails is not accountable.

Before I have to deal with any rubbish about this being personal...

I think in principle we have to settle on spook-proofing tactics to ensure that spooks or spooky-tactics don't work. Since we choose the answers that make us feel comfortable, we dismiss and never decide to wargame possibilities. Since we assume anyone who contributes anything can't be a spook, we never realize the only way for spooks to gain our trust is for them to do something good. Since we assume that "spooks" will be as obvious as "pink unicorns", we don't understand how they work. According to Dr. William Pepper, the FBI made an informant the head of security for Dr. Martin Luther King's civil rights/anti-war convention. The only way to do this is to have that person do things that gave them credibility among their peers, including things that were helpful. Since we can't just crap on people for being helpful, we have to have a better formula.

Before anyone thinks I think I know best, know I'm just saying we should work on it...

I believe that if we develop goals and plans to reach them, then we can see obstacles in our way. If we do things haphazardly when and how we feel like, then we have nothing particular that the spooks stand in the way of, so we don't know if or how they're standing in the way. Therefore, if spooks decide to gum up the works, we'll just assume everyone's nice because it makes us feel more comfortable. Then, when left alone, it's the easiest job in the world for spooks to retard our progress. However, a "witch-hunt" and random accusations won't work since they only destroy trust, and especially because if there's one thing spooks can be, it's charming. (See: Bond, James Bond.) We can't go at friends or comrades anymore than I can go at "Adam Parrot" since some people like him. However, I can say that having the arbitrary power to censor us is wrong.

Before anyone thinks I've been censored, know that it doesn't matter, the possibility does...

I know the New World Order is moving faster than ever now to finish their plans for world domination, slavery, genocide and so on. Since you snort the same conspira-coke I do, I know you know it too. Based on this, we have to move faster and communicate more with each other and with the outside world. Once the conspirienced get a game plan the civilians will know they should take us seriously. Until then, I don't. We don't. Nobody does. As the bad guys create crisis after crisis (crisi?), they will try to destroy our lines of communication, a common military tactic. One way is to put key people in key positions of control over communication everywhere, including within activist groups. If we get the head's up on martial law, it's entirely possible that messages that need to be approved on a listserve won't be. Therefore, the policy is bad, no matter who the person is.

Before this email is too long to read, know that I don't have to write it, we just have to think more...

Peace by peace...




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If you only listen to one thing this week...

Well, that's silly.

Just download and listen to this soon, okay? :-)


P.S. A young truther asked me if I thought fake alien attacks were possible after that last blast, here's my response...

from what i've heard, they wargamed two different scenarios at the club of rome (.org) think tank in the 60's to bring the whole world together at war against the same thing to help form a world government.

the theory is that people mobilize and do what they're told when at war against an enemy, but since there was no country to fight in a move for world government, they needed to make an enemy for all of us.

they talked about staging an alien attack like the orson welles "war of the worlds" radio show scaring people in the 30's, or using the threat of global waming or cooling to make people themselves the enemy.

both solutions would scare us into accepting a world government, but since the global warming/climate change garbage is being beaten, they're doing it quieter but everywhere under UN agenda 21, ICLEI, etc.

false flag terrorism has always been the best way to scare people, it's way better than scaring people with something that might happen in 20 years, plus we're so conditioned that we'll treat an "alien" as real.

the central banking families will finally feel safe from revolutions once they control the whole world in a scientific dictatorship. since we're rebelling, i'm sure they're wargaming and testing everything just in case.

this whole scenario has nothing to do with any other alien stuff, or whether aliens exist or not, just to get that out of the way. i haven't looked into it a lot, but i know about the new world order, and this is a plan.

they have a bunch of plans, funding hundreds of think tanks, foundations and other institutions constantly testing us and working on long-term plans to move us in certain directions for at least the last 100 years.

since we know all this, we can have some actionable answers to expose any plans, including deconstructing the propaganda and providing solutions, plus some speculative fun stuff about all the fun alien possibilities.

as long as we know we got them from the new world order and have to stop them from culling (nee: killing) 90% of the population as seen in many, many of their public but not widely publicized documents, we're fine.

there will be confusion without a purpose or anchor in reality. it's the same scuba-diver getting nitrogen narcosis and chasing fish until they lose their mind, or youtubing, or anything that's purely masturbatory with no end.

it also messes other stuff up, especially if you're a man with no passion, purpose or plan, because then your woman and/or kids are going to mess you up. but, if you got one they'll support that and be happy to help.

but as long as we know we're cool.

peace by peace...




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