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ICLEI: Toronto Is Home To The UN Agenda 21 Plans To Take Your Home (Aw Crap.)


Michael Shaw - Freedom 21 vs Agenda 21


Heya Greeneologists,

I heard Joan Peros and Michael Shaw on Google Video say the ICLEI organization for Local Government Sustainability that's pushing UN Agenda 21 austerity measures across North America... is located in Toronto. I damn near plotzed. No wonder we're so damn greenwashed: we're the happy home of greenwashing.

This is awful: a group in our city is responsible for destroying the life of everyone on the continent on behalf of the UN, so we need an organized response.

This is crazy: we need to learn about ICLEI to help people across North America repeal new local policies based on lies destroying their standards of living.

This is real: everyone can see governments working like crazy on these issues after ignoring most others for decades, so they have to be suspicious anyway.

This is time: much like Obama, or Bush, there is an early period where criticism is normal until conversations are standardized and seen as impolite to have.

We know how fast they're moving and need to pick apart current phases of their long-term strategy while the public is being indoctrinated, including pointing out the mercury in David Suzuki's lightbulbs, plus the rocks in his head for suggesting we be culled like fruit flies, among other things as many learn them for the first time.

Either Naomi Klein's "The Shock Doctrine" (etc.) is right in saying they have plans in place in case a crisis happens. Or: all they work on is planning them for the long and short term to push their agendas. The latter is more likely, so we have to understand the big picture and let people know more than whatever "facts" we feel like..

People need to know how long-term planning works, including why it's a bad idea to replace "good" or useful things to do with "bad" or useless things to do as most environmental illness preaches these days. If we help others realize we're in the middle of a plan we can give them an understanding that weakens the impact of future ideas.

Leaders across Canada will be judged based on how they react at this time, but the proof of who to trust will be revealed in how we handle our own egos when it comes to being generals on the battlefield. Dubious measures that retard progress are everywhere, but it's hard to tell what's at work between the conditioning and the conspiracy.

No worries: they're moving fast so whoever holds us back us suspect.

Incidentally, here's the ICLEI website, we should kick them out soon:

I've been having IP and other issues so my apologies again for delays, I want to trap people between a rock, a hard place and a better place, or the album, jeff farias interview and website. The latter will have just enough proof to make the case, but will be more focused on becoming a global anti-NWO think tank with local truth-squadrons.

Finally, below is something I wrote to help us think, we all should.



From the CanSov18 listserve...

the ego-syntonic (ego-centric) way we think means everything we think of is largely in relation to us, or how we gain or lose, as opposed to thinking objectively about what needs to be done. this warps how we think of how to beat the NWO and prevents us from thinking of ways for anybody to help themselves. if we can simply change from "what can i do?" which is isolating and disempowering, to "what can we do?" which opens up possibilities and gives us something to share with everyone, then we'll win.

no worries, it's my latest hobby-horse and why i'm throwing up the website and creating a foundational think tank, i've found patterns in propaganda in the intense conversations i've had over the last few months that confirm what many researchers have been saying for years. body aside, the human spirit has been trapped in roles and perceptions that limit our potential to think of what we can do. as one globalist said, soon it will be as difficult for us to rebel as it is for sheep to rebel against the practice of eating mutton.

this can be avoided by looking at what's happening and thinking about what "we" (can all) do about it fast.

1. defensively our first response to this will be guilt and affirmation of our worth: skip this useless and unnecessary step.

2. offensively our first response should be to creatively consider this possibility like many others, from there we can move.

3. consciously our next move should be to understand our society from a shared perspective to develop solutions to share.




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