Thursday, February 05, 2009

Special Operations: A Quick Look Behind The Scenes


KRS ONE - Obama, 911 Inside Job Freestyle AUSTIN TX 1-24-09


FYI, the below is an example of the special operations work going on behind the scenes in hip hop, a bunch of people are working on it and trying to beat the "politically correct stupidity" too-often reinforced on hip hop and other cultural message boards. Despite the efforts of KRS-One and others we should support, people are letting fear and ignorance rule the day thanks to a handful of well-placed pricks with a plan in the system who figure out how to promote crap and suppress important information until we get used to thinking that's the way it's supposed to be.

We're all basically trying to figure out how to tell people the truth so they can save their lives, something surprisingly hard to do these days even when people know they're being lied to and are being threatened by the lies, especially when they seem to think they're badass. Plus hip hop is rooted in anti-establishment values that were the "realest" thing about it, so the loss of those values has probably helped the social and moral decline in the culture that has very real effects on our communities

No worries, we'll figure it out.


Whassup everybody,

I know I still like what I like, but I also know it does less damage when I know the bigger picture, so there's ways for headz to keep noddin' and still enjoy everything they used to while searching for more. The revolution will not rip the X-Box out of our hands, it's just not practical to try it. However, since a lot of us know that hip hop "knows" what's going on, or claims to, and a lot of us have broached convo's about it, there have to be ways to clarify what's happening so we can produce an authoritative critique that combines the intelligence of people in the same situation.

My hip hop cred is solid every time it's tested, whether it's on the streets or in interviews, at least as long as they don't raise the standard from swag and knowledge to actually committing crimes, which seems to be happening. The underground scene is huge, but it's mostly consumed with bitching about the mainstream or eventually selling-out for mainstream success, so there has to be a way to give it a more revolutionary soul. People already know Immortal Technique, Paris, Public Enemy, dead prez, KRS-One and others are right. They just didn't want to hear or say it.

However, now that times are tougher and despite the Obamaphilia, there's a real opportunity to call a truce between those who know and those who didn't want to in the name of progress. This is why the thought-process can't be short-circuited through relying on random interactions that can be neutralized or that polarize the issue, but rather through an understanding and explanation of the whole situation and everyone's role in it. We're sensitive to both people's needs and the need for urgency on this, so the only way to reconcile it is to come up with something unimpeachable to say that works,

Anyway, as a jump-off point I recommend this 30 minute interview on music and the culture creation industry with the smartest guy in the world, Alan Watt from, a good guy. I focused a lot on hip hop since it's so dominant today, but it's all about the history of the culture creation industry, from Plato coining the term "fashion industry" in 300 B.C. to why the hell do old white people sell offensive music. We're given our culture for reasons that aren't immediately obvious, but over time we see the results. The other one is the best interview I've done that explains the world in 2 hours.





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